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RACIST LOS ANGELES POLICE TERRORIST JOSHUA CULLEN EATS AFGHAN JUST DESSERT Serving As US Military Terrorist In False Flag War: Killed During Bomb Investigation; Los Angeles Black Foot Soldiers & Global Black Alliance (GBA) Issue Independent Statements Condemning Service & Life Of Warmongering Devil Dressed As Pig

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“YOU’RE NO HERO!” US Military Iraqi War Criminal Sgt. Brandon Maggart Dead; Global Black Alliance (GBA) Condemns 1st US Military Terrorist Killed Since Withdrawal

Did Brandon Maggart, a so called sergeant with the United States Military Terrorist Regime love fighting for his country; or, did he join the terrorist regime because of limited post high school opportunities?

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"Naming the Next Child Khalid Sheikh Mohammed" – Global Black Alliance (GBA) Prince Khomeini

– Prince KhomeiniGlobal Black Alliance

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The Hypocrite of the Senate: Burning Ted Kennedy's Casket, With His Corpse Therin; Global Black Alliance Condemn Use of US Flag on Kennedy Casket

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Global Black Alliance (GBA) Praise North Korea Defiance of Immoral White West & Illegitimate UN

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Anderson Cooper VS TJ Holmes; CNN's New Breed of White "Thought Racists" Against Blacks Anchors Revealed

What does popular (white) CNN Anderson Cooper think about his new handsome and extremely popular black rival TJ Holmes? According to sources privy to Cooper’s personal thoughts, the anchor falls into a new category of haters the African Americans need … Continue reading

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Anderson Cooper: Sexiest Blue Eyed Devil Since JFK; Can handsome anchor lead race to salvation thru mass euthan- asia on Hitler's birthday 2010?

Sexy, blue eyed Anderson Cooper has what it takes to be the first great White Messiah and greater than Jim Jones and even (white) Christ if he can persuade his race to salvation through a ceremonious sacred, mass euthanasia, many … Continue reading

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