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CHECKMATE CRACKERS: Smaller Penises, Large (Unevolved) Brains & Weak Skin & Immune Suppression Systems: White Superioty’s Flaws (w/ Darwin, Louis Leakey, Charles S. Coon, Adolph Hilter) by AndGodMadeLight publisher Antioch Hades

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The Intelligence of Mankind & "Dr." James D. Watson; "Who's Greater: The Pot or Pot Maker?" Yakub13X in Atlanta

“Mankind has a knack for discovering things already known and, using his limited measuring techniques to attempt to compare its so called intelligence against the intelligence of man,” says Yakub Islam minister Yakub13X. Minister 13X, who designated his ministry to … Continue reading

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Melanoma: The Sores That Don't Heal; No Healing When The Lesion Attacks!

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Henderson Hypocrite, Devil & Pig Dennis Cagle: "Deserved to Die Protecting Worthless Save A Lot Merchandise" – Jacksonville Black Foot Soldiers

Jacksonville Black Foot Soldiers are calling the battle that took place in the parking lot of a Save A Lot grocery store and ended the life of Henderson Police terrorist Dennis Cagle a legitimate Reparations Protest in which Cagle had “no … Continue reading

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Checkmate Crackers: Smaller Penises, Large (Unevolved) Brains & Weak Skin: White Superioty's Flaws (w/ Charles Darwin, Louis Leakey, Charles S. Coon, Adolph Hilter) by Antioch Hades;

ABOVE: DARWIN’S RACIST ORIGIN OF SPECIES; BELOW: EXCERPT FROM COON’S BIOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES OF THE RACES The frontal lobe of the Black forebrain is less developed than that of the White. Thus, their ability in the performance of thinking, planning, communication, … Continue reading

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The Same Invisible God Allowing Their Reprobate Behavior in History is Their Same Invisible God Today … Yet is the Flesh of White Athiests Exempt From The Sun of God's Destruction? No.

  EXCLUSIVE FLASHBACK FEATURE: (Exclusive Excerpt from) The Great White Sleep (translated by interpreter Sterling Coleman) And God sent a mist out all throughout the land. By it, all the white people in the land fell asleep. They slept for seven … Continue reading

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"Checkmate Cracker: Smaller Penises, Clunky Larger Brains & Weak Skin: Where Charles Darwin, Louis Leakey, Charles S. Coon, Adolph Hilter & You Failed," by Antioch Hades; (plus: the Naomi Williams Melanoma Execution)

(READ: CHARLES S. COON”S: THE BIOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES OF THE RACES:) The area of the brain termed the cerebral cortex is the most recently evolved and most complex part of the brain. It governs the most advanced types of mental activity, … Continue reading

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