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White Americans Should Be Only Group Prohibited From Building On Ground Zero," Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs

“Only one group of people is responsible for the spectacular events that unfolded on September 11rh, 2001: white people; and, these psychotic, racist, greedy & warmongering savages are now playing the politics of their country’s duplicitous mass conspiracy to the … Continue reading

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Recognize All Black History Month Heroes: Jesus, Tupac, Obama, A Slave Named Peter, W.E.B. Dubois, Tutankamon, Nat Turner, Mumia Abu Jamal, Michael "Slave Avenger" Thorpe, Malcom X, Lovelle Mixon, Maurice Clemmons Add Your Name Here ________ ___________;

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I Wanted to Say, "Correction Mr. President, The Epicenter of Terrorist Extremism Is America, Europe & Israel;" But 2nd Language Translator Assures the Head Nigger In Charge (HNIC) Still: New World Order Spoiler

Could author Ralph Ellison have ever peceived that a black man would be authorizing thousands of American troops (many of whom fellow blacks) to go forward to fight in another of the white man’s wars when he coined the phrase, head … Continue reading

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"Obama Plan For Healthcare: Nigger Rig It," by Patrick Lanzo; Why Do We Still Trip When The Devil Says Nigger?

Earlier in the month, after watching an extraordinary speech by ten year old Jonathan E. Mccoy’s titled “Eliminate the NWord,” I stated my contradictory position on my personal belief that the nword, to us (blacks), should be regarded as nothing; … Continue reading

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Obama & The Devil's Nobel Peace Prize

“His extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy & cooperation between peoples.” “We don’t want peace but we’ll award its concept,” the governing body who facilitate the selection of Nobel Peace Prize candidates might say. Some might find it ironic that … Continue reading

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"You Lie" & Joe Wilson: Another Psychotic White Calls Kettle Black

“When will the white people you work, go to school with or who are your neighbors give in to the dark voices that most often result in, for example, a body being found hidden in a wall recess?” Asks leading … Continue reading

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Obama, the Fly & the Devil by Antioch Hades (andgodmadelight)

Quote from artnews: “The fly, … …. usually appears as a symbol of evil, plague and pestilence. A small fly seen alongside a saint is a reference to Satan, the great tempter, otherwise known as the Lord of the Flies. … Continue reading

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Monkeys, Donkeys & Elephants I

“It is not a question of ‘will’ but ‘when’, on an assassination attempt of 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama by white people, says Under- privileged Media publisher Elbert Devrny Jr. . “They slew Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ. How … Continue reading

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Stars, Stripes & Irregular Boarders

Black Cult: McCain Melanoma Contagious Senator John McCain is believed to be carrying the new Contagious Skin Cancer strand and many members of the Republican party as well as fellow senator Joe Lieberman, who recently endorsed McCain, may be steering … Continue reading

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SuperRacist: Hitler No Dummy

Staying one step ahead of 2008 presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, Austrian born Jergen Schwarzenegger and his elite regime of superracist completed their campaign in Pennsylvania where they urged their fellow whites to unify for the cause … Continue reading

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