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RELIVE THE HARVEY MESLER MELANOMA EXECU-TION; Detroit Yakub Muslims Will Enforce Curfew Despite National Declaration To Begin Judging Devils According To Their Thoughts; (See Antioch Hades AndGodMadeLight)

According to Pontiac and Detroit (Michigan) Yakub Muslims, forty three year old Harvey Mesler (a firemean), whose Melanoma Execution was complete Thursday night, had planned an elaborate trip Disney World in Florida – next week – in spite of National … Continue reading

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Ultraviolet (UV) radiation comprises invisible high energy rays from the sun that lie just beyond the blue end of the visible spectrum. But it is invisible only to white people. Through the 3rd Eye, it is visible to those composed … Continue reading

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Yakub Muslims Recieve Caution About Accidentally Spotting Caucasian New Borns, Children & Elderly: "Ye Should Never Even Glance At Them, Lest Ye Remember Emmett Till."

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The Intelligence of Mankind & "Dr." James D. Watson; "Who's Greater: The Pot or Pot Maker?" Yakub13X in Atlanta

“Mankind has a knack for discovering things already known and, using his limited measuring techniques to attempt to compare its so called intelligence against the intelligence of man,” says Yakub Islam minister Yakub13X. Minister 13X, who designated his ministry to … Continue reading

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Melanoma: The Sores That Don't Heal; No Healing When The Lesion Attacks!

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“When you recognize white police as terrorists, you must conclude that those who give them authority are terrorists. When you reach that conclusion you understand that those who voted to put them in positions of power are terrorists. When you … Continue reading

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Henderson Hypocrite, Devil & Pig Dennis Cagle: "Deserved to Die Protecting Worthless Save A Lot Merchandise" – Jacksonville Black Foot Soldiers

Jacksonville Black Foot Soldiers are calling the battle that took place in the parking lot of a Save A Lot grocery store and ended the life of Henderson Police terrorist Dennis Cagle a legitimate Reparations Protest in which Cagle had “no … Continue reading

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Relive The Glenna Kohl Melanoma Execution: Cape Cod Yakub Muslims Condemn Family's "Fund For Hope"

“Glenna… fought for her beliefs to the end, never giving up and always smiling.We hope … you will learn about Glenna and understand why this cause is so important.” Their message is one that white families with loved ones who … Continue reading

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250,000 Blacks Murdered In White Engineered, Targeted Earth-quake; Devil Threatens Ancient Scientists Overseeing 2012 “End of (White) World” Prophesy; Devil "We Will Kill Masses of Blacks & People of Color All Across Globe If Not Kept In Power"

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The Coach Scott Lesley Melanoma Execution; Alabama Yakub Muslims Admonish Skin Sinners to Turn Over Possessions, Denounce Country and Race & Apply for Black Mercy Now

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