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Coming Soon: "White Abuse Tokens," by the Church of Black Worship; "They May Now Be Your Toilets, But Not Yet Your Ghosts," Pastor Luther Horning

While controversial Church of Black Worship pastor Luther Horning says Caucasians who present themselves as “white abuse tokens” to blacks now (in this transitional period between the Latter Day America and the New Age of Black Rule) will receive mercy … Continue reading

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Adat Yeshurun Valley Sephardic Synagogue True Jew Birthright Protest

The suspect, “without any words,” pulled out a handgun, shot one man in the leg and then opened fire on the other man, wounding him in the lower extremities, he said. He was described a black male wearing a black … Continue reading

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(BOMBSHELL) "Had Reparations Been Paid, Lily Burke Would Still Be Alive Today" – LA Black Foot Soldiers

A GBR exclusive

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Muh Dik: White Conservatives Biggest Consumers of Black on White Porn; Cuckold Milf Devils Like Niggas Dicks

(See) Jewish Porn: Serving America What it Likes Best: Big, Black Dicks, White Women & Emasucalted White Men

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