“YOU’RE NO HERO!” US Military Iraqi War Criminal Sgt. Brandon Maggart Dead; Global Black Alliance (GBA) Condemns 1st US Military Terrorist Killed Since Withdrawal

Did Brandon Maggart, a so called sergeant with the United States Military Terrorist Regime love fighting for his country; or, did he join the terrorist regime because of limited post high school opportunities?

Studies conducted by the Glax Haas Research Institue reveal that, along racial lines, whites are more inclined to join the racially terrorist US military regime because of a “love for their country” while blacks join it as a means to an ends.

“When we combine the white America’s history with their contemporary behavior, we are only able to conclude that they are a racially terroristic race who seek to continue to rule the world by treachery,” says Glax Haas psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs.


Global Black Alliance spokesman, Prince Khoemeni

According to pro Western propaganda sources, the twenty four year old Maggart, of Kirksville (Missouri), died August 22 in Basrah, Iraq after sustaining wounds from indirect fire.
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13 Responses to “YOU’RE NO HERO!” US Military Iraqi War Criminal Sgt. Brandon Maggart Dead; Global Black Alliance (GBA) Condemns 1st US Military Terrorist Killed Since Withdrawal

  1. Sunny Deanna Shreve says:

    “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” ~ John 15:13 ~

    Prince Khoemeni,

    All of your hate filled words will never change the fact America is still the last best hope for those who believe in freedom. We are not the terrorist, you forget the terrorist attacks were commited against us for amost twenty years before we responded by taking the battle to the enemy ~ the real terrorists. You may spout your hate filled lies all you wish ~ it will never make them true. I feel much pity for you and I will pray our Daddy God will send His Holy Spirit to convict your heart of the love He has for you, even though you are a rasist, bigoted man with an inability to speak the truth.

    • shittycop says:

      Sunny Deanna Sreve,

      America’s “freedom” is built off the slaughter of the Native Americans, the backs of my own people and terroristic atrocities against every other race of people on the planet. It’s good to see that ye are of your father, the Devil and the works of your fathers ye embrace and do!

      Creaux Steele

  2. Shelby says:

    Why choose him to condemn? He did nothing wrong.

    • shittycop says:

      He fought for a historically racially terroristic regime (America), in a criminal war and against an innocent people. But, he did nothing wrong.

      Good luck with your ignorance!

      Creaux Steele

  3. Shelby says:

    That doesn’t mean he fought for those ideals that whites supported *in the past*. Honestly, I’m white and I have none of those feelings toward African Americans, Muslims, Middle Easterners, and others that people in the U.S. have condemned because poeple in this day and age know better. Brandon didn’t feel that way about them either. He fought for the people in this country, *everyone*. You, me, and the rest of the U.S.

    • shittycop says:

      The point is: he fought in a criminal, illegal and unjustified war; and, he “fought” to preserve American exploitation of Iraq & the Middle East.

      If you vote and pay taxes, you are a white terrorist.


  4. Shelby says:

    I don’t vote but I do pay taxes, because I don’t want to go to jail. Do you live in the United States? I’m pretty sure you pay taxes too. Does that mean you’re a terrorist as well?

  5. Shelby says:


    You never answered my question. Aren’t you a terrorist as well?

    • shittycop says:

      I and this community are in the (true) fight against terrorism; and, the only real terrorists on the plant are whites.


  6. Shelby says:

    So *you* say. What about the rest of the African-American community? Does everyone share your views? I believe you are just a radical. You are beginning to put other races in a bad light, just how radical Islamics have caused stereotypes that every person that practices Islam is a terrorist. You can’t generalize white people the same way. Not all of us are part of the KKK. Not all of us think that whites are superior to other ethnicities.

    Generalizing like that leads to hate.

  7. Shelby says:

    You are still *generalizing* whites. Just because some act in a deplorable fashion doesn’t mean we *all* do.

    • shittycop says:

      Hi Shelby! Good to hear from you!

      While you’ve been busy un-thoughfully enjoying the privileged benefits your murderous forefathers left you, you are clearly unaware of the age we’re in. The privileges and benefits you’ve carelessly enjoyed were made off the blood and massacre of the Native Americans, the brutality and dehumanizing Chattel Slavery from my black ancestors and from your exploitation of every other race of people on the planet. Not once in your morally bankrupt life have you even thought to make restitution for your forefathers’ crimes. Why, in your mind, “we had nothing to do with that” and “that was a long time ago” excuses you from the responsibility of their (your fathers’) crimes. According to the Bible you race of generational hypocrites and criminals embrace, however, The Sins Of The Father Will, Until Made Restitution Fore, Will Be Visited Upon (you) Their Sons. Guess what age we’re in? We’re in the age when all that yours have done unto others, multiplied by 7, will be returned unto you. As The Sun Of God sees all your self styled superior skin as a despicable abomination, those whom The Sun Of God let’s “His” glorious and strengthening rays shine on without disdain are to see you in the same light (pun intended). IOW, we’ve entered the age when your murderous, duplicitous, savage and morally degenerate kind are supposed to be judged through generalizations. The Light of The Sun Of God teaches us this.

      Being judged by “content of character” was & is a privilege. Let us not forget that your kind murdered the messenger who brought that message and that his killers still remain free today.

      Good luck with sunscreen & damnation be upon you.

      Creaux Steele

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