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"BITCH ASS LIAR: RACIST MOUNT PEASANT POLICE TERRORIST "CHIEF" LOUIS ALAGNO; "When You Shoot 1 Of Us, You Shoot All Of Us; When You Cover Up, You Equally Responsible. Mount Pleasant & Pleasantville, Mount Pleasant & Pleasantville Will Have Hell To Pay," New York Black Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant, "Calls For State Wide Street Style Penitentiary Protest Against White Police Terrorist Regimes"

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(FUCK THE “POLICE!”) NBFSN Condemns Anti Black Terrorists Ronald Beckley & Aaron Hess With Racist Mount Pleasant & Pleasantville Police Regimes In Murder Of Pace U Football Star Danroy Henry; “no FECES SMEAR, URINE BOMB STREET PENITENTIARY PROTEST not UPDATED TO INCLUDE BROKEN GLASS ON WHITE STREETS”

“White police have no authority over black citizens. They are terrorists whom we have the right to defend ourselves from. They have no authority to stop, question or arrest us regardless of circumstances. Know your rights. – Philly Black Foot … Continue reading

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