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“Re-Arrest Sarah Shourd & Execute Shane Bauer & Joshua Fattal?” Global Black Alliance (GBA) Praises Iranian Sentencing Of American Racial Propaganda Terrorists; REPORT: We Believe They Were Spreading Deadly White Propaganda & Would Not Oppose Their Execution & Re-Arrested Of Shourd

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Death Of Israeli Terrorist Yehoshua (Shuki) Sofer Disguised As Policeman Killed In Palestine Praised By Blacks Against Israel (BAI) & Global Black Alliance (GBA); Leaders Condemn Illegitimate Regime’s Presence in Middle East, Call For All Anti "Israel" Forces To Unite

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16 Nations & UK Charged in Global Conspiracy to Trigger Enriquillo-Plaintain Fault & Destroy Haiti; “They had almost successfully masked this deliberate and targeted act of terrorism as a natural disaster."

Sources with the clandestine John Doe Intelligence Foundation, The New Collective Consciousness and the Global Black Alliance have released an excerpt of their official findings on the cause of the January 12th earthquake that devastated Haiti and are charging 16 … Continue reading

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Western Propaganda Operatives Britney Gengel, Stephanie Crispinelli, Christine Gianacaci & Courtney Hayes Reportedly Gang Raped & Murdered In Trial Moments After Quake

(According to Western news sources) … Eight of them sat with their journals around the aquamarine pool at the luxurious Hotel Montana, the view overlooking the capital city of Port-au-Prince below. Many were anxious to write in their journals and … Continue reading

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Oil Rich Haiti Attacked by Manmade Earthquake: Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault Struck By Highly Developed American Sub Aquatic, Multi-Megaton Thermonuclear Weapon; Massive Global Cover Up Hiding Recent Nuclear Activity in Atlantic; "Oil companies already have country mapped." – Global Black Alliance

The Global Black Alliance has issued a statement that they, along with the clandestine John Doe Intelligence Foundation and the body of The New Collective Consciousness conducting an independent investigation as to the legitimacy of the Haitian earthquake being a … Continue reading

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“Better To Have Tried & Failed Than Never To Have Tried At All." – Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab; Western society is a bloody, murderous, unjust, avaricious, duplicitous, hypocritical, blasphe- mous atrocity founded in genocide & tyranny. To respect & uphold it is to respect & uphold evil, greed & sin.” – ShittyCop Contributer, ThrowupBrat; Global Black Alliance Calls for Release

“It is better to have tried and to have failed than to never have tried at all…. . As stewards of the free world, Allah must know what is in our hearts through our actions. Western society is a bloody, … Continue reading

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"Naming the Next Child Khalid Sheikh Mohammed" – Global Black Alliance (GBA) Prince Khomeini

– Prince KhomeiniGlobal Black Alliance

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