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The Kyser Miree Reparations Protest, Is Activist Michael Lee Ghetto Bragging Rights Man Of Year 2010? Soldier, Do You Have Your Crown Yet?

IS MOBILE’S MICHAEL LEE GHETTOBRAGGINGRIGHTS 2010 MAN OF YEAR? GhettoBraggingRights publisher Aniga Shakur is reportedly dropping hints that, because of a tremendous amount of national interest by the national GBR community, Mobile Reparations Protester Michael Lee, who’s become iconic because … Continue reading

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(NEW) "Men Have An Obligation To Break Unjust Laws," Dr. Martin Luther King; (SEE) Unjust Laws Broken: Philly "Police Officers" Charles Cassidy, Officer Steven Liczbinski & Patrick McDonald; Starring GhettoBraggingRights Icon Howard Cain

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"ALL WHITES R TERRORISTS" – NationalBlackFootSoldierNetwork

“When you recognize white police as terrorists, you must conclude that those who give them authority are terrorists. When you reach that conclusion you understand that those who voted to put them in positions of power are terrorists. When you … Continue reading

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Lindsay Marie Harvey VS Shawn M. Henderson: "Had Reparations Been Paid, Lindsay Would Be Alive Today," National Black Foot Soldier Network

The National Black Foot Soldier Network has declared the robbery in which Lindsay Marie Harvey, of Gaithersburg, was slain as a legitimate Reparations Protest, according to sources within the Network. Shawn M. Henderson, 26, faces a possible sentence of life … Continue reading

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"Narcotics Officer Jeffrey Cujdik Another Filthy Philly Pig"

“Somebody tell Mayor Nutter & Chief Ramsey that narcotics officer Jeffery Cujdik is the rule, not the exception, another filthy Philly pig” – Philly Black Foot Soldier Zachariah Walker

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“F.U.C.K. CHANNON CHRISTIAN” National Black Foot Soldier Network Launch New 2009 F.U.C.K. Campaign

“F.U.C.K. CHANNON CHRISTIAN,” is the first in a new and controversial condemnation series the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) will begin promoting in 2009 to state the position nationwide its members should take on certain political, social and criminal … Continue reading

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Mason Samborski VS Jonathon Belton: For We Know That Many are Called Few are Chosen

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Jerome Adam Hamilton VS Rib Rack

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Anthony DiPonzio VS Tyquan Rivera; "Many Are Called, But Few Are Tyquan Rivera" – National Black Foot Soldier Network

“Hypocrite” Rochester Cop Anthony DiPonzio Eats “Just Desserts” – NY Black Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant Rips Diponzio & Mayor Duffy

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BUSTED: Dillard’s Owned Slaves; Jena6 Legend Mychael Bell Daring Christmas Eve Dillard’s Protest Sparks Nationalwide F.U.C.K. Dillard’s War

Young, sexy, hard and legendary: Jena, Louisiana’s Mychael Bell’s Christmas eve social action protest at a Monroe, La Dillard’s is being praised around the National Black Foot Soldier Network and, reportedly, has sparked a waive of copycat protests at Dillard’s … Continue reading

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