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"Nature Is Going To Do 1Thing : Re- store Balance, After The Anti ~Nature Campaign Of DaBlueEyedDebil! Me- lanoma Rates Are Skyrocketing & The Solar Orgasm Of Our Binary Star Sys- tem (2012-2019), Will Most Certainly Take Care Of Any Uncultivated Melanin Deficients Who Thought They Got Away!" – Artist & Scientist Wyzedome


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Blacks, Amonalem & Inactivation of 3rd Eye: "For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark."

SEE: GOD WARNS BLACKS: I’LL TURN YOU WHITE (Featuring Fox News Anchor Lee Thomas)

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Knowledge: "Black People Are The Only People With Complete DNA. You Can Find All Races Makeup In Ours But Only Partial DNA In All Other Races.”

Ultraviolet Light Reniggered Through Black Man Pineal Gland 7 Times More Carcinogenic to Devil; (12.21.12 Mayan Calendar Prophecy PREVIEW) “Judge them according to their thoughts,” Ra. Whites have calcified Pineal Glands in their brains, due to being melanin-deficient. Melanin is … Continue reading

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FEATURE: America’s Sexiest Black On White Rapist; GBR Rejects Whites’ Bid for Black On White Rapist Competition ABOVE: FORMER DEERFIELD FOOTBALL STANDOUT STEVE FEAGIN CHARGED IN RAPES Many Whites Want Black Rape Birdman Bryant: Some Vital — And Very Ugly … Continue reading

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Sneaky Whites Thought They Could Elude God's Judgement Forever

Is skin without eumelanin skin? No, skin without eumelanin is not skin. While the new science is not yet publishing publicly what the layer covering the so-called fairskinned is, the conclusion that it is not skin, as defined by classic … Continue reading

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