CAUCASUS MOUNTAIN SAVAGES HERITAGE REVEALED! “Modern Europe’s Genetic History Starts in Stone Age,” National Geographic; “Grafted by Yakub” conveniently left out.

The Flugelrods (illustration) were the original Nordics before they crossbred with different races to acquire the appearance they possess presently. They are the originators of the Nordic race and live in a cavern beneath the Antarctic. Their chief is named Korg, the original Halaabites, meaning “to blush,” or Hulub. Flugelrods became known as the Neanderthals, or simply cave men, eating raw flesh, running around on fours, and living in a state of bestiality. They found their way into the inner caverns of the planet. Many of them took residence there while others in time used the trickknology (sic) and terrorized other innocent tribes. This seed moved behind the Caucasus Mountains and up into Russia and became known as the Khazars.
This pale man, or Halaabean, Flugelrod should not be confused with the albino seed, the cursed Canaanites, meaning “low landers,” the descendants of Canaan, of 4,000 years ago before 2,000 years ago, or 6,000 years ago. The Caucasians who have blonde hair and blue eyes, are descendants from the Flugelrods. . . . Canaanites’ leprosy is the result of a curse of defected genes passed down to him from his mother Anis who was an Anaqite (Deuteronomy 9). Remember the Flugelrods and Canaanites produce extremely low levels of melanin, both are melanin recessive beings.

…The Southwestern Semites inhabited Arabia and Ethiopia while the Northwestern Semites occupied the Levant – the regions that used to be Palestine as well as what is now Syria, Israel and Lebanon, the regions often referred to in the Bible as Canaan. The whole region was ruled and colonized by the Black Egyptians between 2300 and 1900 B.C.E. The Amorites sacked many of the coastal Canaanite cities. All of this was under the patronage and dominance of the 18TH DYNASTY OF EGYPT. The 18th Dynasty included the biblical Black Moses and his descendants. (Source)

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10 Responses to CAUCASUS MOUNTAIN SAVAGES HERITAGE REVEALED! “Modern Europe’s Genetic History Starts in Stone Age,” National Geographic; “Grafted by Yakub” conveniently left out.

  1. Alchemist says:

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    • What’s the matter? Don’t you like looking at pics of your ancestors?lol Go away you ignorant shaved ape! You are the true chimps! You sick albino pedophiles. You destroy everything you get in contact with. You are a cancer on the planet!

      • jigglywigglie says:

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        • Anonymous says:

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      • Anonymous says:

        I love this blog and have reshared . These pale skinned, recessive gene cave mutants can’t handle the truth. But, before the end of this age, (which is right around the corner), when the earth is put back in the hands of its rightful owners (the melinated Kings), they will have no choice or be buzzard food!!

  2. Alchemist says:

    Jigaboos are running wild it serms

  3. I love your graphics!! They are so on point! LOL!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This site is full of stupid pseudoscience make-believe. Bucha’ fuckin’ idiots.

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