The Hypocrite of the Senate: Burning Ted Kennedy's Casket, With His Corpse Therin; Global Black Alliance Condemn Use of US Flag on Kennedy Casket


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14 Responses to The Hypocrite of the Senate: Burning Ted Kennedy's Casket, With His Corpse Therin; Global Black Alliance Condemn Use of US Flag on Kennedy Casket

  1. ShatteredDreams says:

    I’m glad that nigger lover Ted Koonedy is dead. Nobody should help niggers ever, it should be a crime.
    No more handouts, monkeys, sorry.
    We’re fed up with your crime, stupidity, and general uselessness.

  2. ShatteredDreams says:

    Niggers don’t even read your articles, do you really expect them to know how to read? They probably manage to catch bits and pieces of
    ‘fuck whitey, whitey’s the problem, we beez gods of africa an sheet’
    and nod their monkey heads and say ‘fo sho’.


      yes they do actually thats all that do white america has no business doing anything but working hard and putting money on my foodstamp card let me tell u a story as a young nigger i was compelled to rape cats and dogs theb i got a job impregnating monkeys at the zoo with such a prolific job i got to see how jealous whites were becuz my ability 2 impregnate monkeys i learned as mucch phsycho babble as i could aboutthe 3rd eye and how it be cums……. a massaginic horrificable stynographeristic able ahhhhhhhhh the demon semen eating at my brain ahhhhhhh i suckd all that white cock

      • ShatteredDreams says:

        shut up nigger 🙂

        • ShatteredDreams says:

          I didn’t mean you, per say, I meant the handful of niggers and niggerlovers who post articles on this page about black superiority and that Jeebuz was a nigger.

          If Jesus was a nigger, why would they crucify him when the correct form of nigger disposal has always been hanging?

          • underprivilegedjournalism says:

            Shattered Dreams,
            Actually some biblical accounts do reference his crucifiction as being from that of a tree.

            Additionally, when you consider the fact that Jesus (who was black) was killed by the Romans (who were white), the evil, hate, and treachery in your race has not changed after all these years.



            • ShatteredDreams says:

              Jesus was black? You probably don’t even believe that.
              Is Obongo also a prophet? (Not that I’m going to argue about religion, I’m just curious to know how a half-nigger president who’s spent more money in his first 100 days of office than Bush did in 8 years can be compared to a prophet).
              This has got to be a parody site 🙂

  3. kickJohn says:

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  4. Gina Palmer says:

    What up slaughter? Just wondering your thoughts on the upcoming 25000 yr. completion on 12-21-12?

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Though the date may not be exact, according to all prophetic estimations, it is only off by a year or two. It is the end of this world order.

      The question is who’s going to be on the ships in this time.


  5. Gina Palmer says:

    What up slaughter? U know the third eye is for real. I know who U really R.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Hi Gina,
      A false prophet?


      • Gina Palmer says:



          hi gina i am the prophet malcolm xtra terrestrial son of yakka yakka yakum ba doodle bob iam the king of cock sucking the astronomical ass raping niggeru know me to b as i said if u inhale the black mans ass vapers in such a way that u would a candle u can c thou 3rd eye as it should b not as it is being unadopted by it 1st and 2nd eyes alittle more phsycho babble here and u have the making of a niggers excuse for every crime ever made by a nigger not a black man the real black race r respectable people but not me and am the demon feces i always dreamed i could b

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