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"Naming the Next Child Khalid Sheikh Mohammed" – Global Black Alliance (GBA) Prince Khomeini

– Prince KhomeiniGlobal Black Alliance

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Should Iran Execute American Spies Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer & Sarah Shourd? – Global Black Alliance

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"Allah Akbar!" Nidal Malik Hasan to Receive 936+ Virgins in Heaven; Are You Ready If Allah Calls For Battle Against Devil? – Global Black Alliance

“How many virgins can you get?” Asks Global Black Alliance (GBA) spokesman Prince Khomeini in an address across the organization’s network. “And will you be ready when Allah calls your name?” While his comments were not specific, many suspect his … Continue reading

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The Hypocrite of the Senate: Burning Ted Kennedy's Casket, With His Corpse Therin; Global Black Alliance Condemn Use of US Flag on Kennedy Casket

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