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Harry Reid's Acceptable Niggers: The Pretentious Liberal & Willie Lynch

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has issued an apology for saying the race of Barack Obama – whom he described as a “light skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” – would help rather than … Continue reading

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I Wanted to Say, "Correction Mr. President, The Epicenter of Terrorist Extremism Is America, Europe & Israel;" But 2nd Language Translator Assures the Head Nigger In Charge (HNIC) Still: New World Order Spoiler

Could author Ralph Ellison have ever peceived that a black man would be authorizing thousands of American troops (many of whom fellow blacks) to go forward to fight in another of the white man’s wars when he coined the phrase, head … Continue reading

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Seattle BOW Martyr Against White Terrorist Police Maurice Clemmons Praised; Awarded 288 Virgins in Heaven "Already getting his dick sucked & divine pussy." Seattle Black Foot Soldier Alfred "Issaquah" Shafford

“Be neither dismayed or saddened, rejoice. For brother Maurice Clemmons has been awarded his virgins and is already getting his dick sucked and divine pussy given to brothers who answer God’s call to bear witness to the devil,” Seattle Black … Continue reading

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Rachel Hoffman: Hypocrisy Home to Roost. Tallahassee Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Deneilo Bradshaw Trial

Tallahassee Black Foot Soldiers in conjunction with the National Black Foot Soldier Network have issued a stern condemnation of the arrest and fore coming of twenty three year old Deneilo Bradshaw. Bradshaw is charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery and … Continue reading

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"Naming the Next Child Khalid Sheikh Mohammed" – Global Black Alliance (GBA) Prince Khomeini

– Prince KhomeiniGlobal Black Alliance

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"He's Not Smiling Anymore:" Chris Kernich Ghost Damned to East Main St? Akron Black Foot Soldiers Patrol KSU for Reparations, New Recruits & RACIST "NIGGER WORD THINKERS"

Has the ghost of Chris Kernich been damned to the strip along East Main St. where he was beatdown? According to a local spiritualist who reportedly performed a reading there, it has. According to sources, the request for the reading … Continue reading

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Gentry Family Reparations Protest: Hardened Devils Turn Peaceful Reparations Protest Deadly, Pick Possessions Over Lives; Arkansas Black Foot Soldiers Demanding Release of Activists Samuel Conway & Jeremy Pickney; Fallen Warrior Marvin Stringer Award 72 Virgins in Heaven

Details from Arkansas Black Foot Soldiers are emerging about the daring social action protest hardened reparations offenders turned deadly when they, according to Hot Springs Black Foot Soldier Godfrey Gould  “refused to turn their possession over to the true owners.” “Reprobate … Continue reading

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