Maersk Alabama Captain "Coward" Richard Phillips Repeatedly Sodomized & Peed On by "Brave" Somali Pirates?

Captain Phillips repeatedly sodomized by Somali pirates

Unconfirmed reports from a source close to Abdul Wali Muse, the one Somali pirate captured after the attempted boat-jacking off Somalia last week, allege the pirates new they were in a no win situation, expected to die and repeatedly sodomized and urinated on the Maersk Alabama captain Richard Phillips.

Brave Somali pirates blast black Americans who are "scared to steal & destroy white people's property."

In Somalia, a relative of one of the pirates, Hassan Mohammed Farah, told Reuters that it was not necessary to kill the men.

“Somali pirates are  not   religious cowards  like many African Americans when it comes to   knowing it is righteous to hate white people,” says Global Black Alliance (GBA) spokesman Jihad Hassan. “Neither are they trained. They know all atrocities against white people are approved by God. They recognize whites are global terrorists who are not to be judged on the content of their character, but on the color of their skin.”


Virginia Black Foot Soldiers protest Captain Phillips homecomingIn an apparent response to events at sea, Somali insurgents fired mortars toward the plane of a US congressman, Donald Payne, as he flew out of the capital, Mogadishu, on Monday. There were reports of injuries by the congressman, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, was believed to have escaped without harm.


Because of the murder of the three Somali pirates and the arrest of Muse, The Black Global Alliance (GBA) issued a condemnation to (white) America.  According to sources within the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) they did protest Phillips’ homecoming and desecrate newspaper pictures of him. “We came out to  remind brothers that white economic oppression is world wide. Our struggle against them is the same as the Somalis and all the people of color of the world,” Virginia Black Foot Soldier Anthony “Norfolk” Crawford said.  While we are encouraging protesting Phillips and rejecting his so-called heroism, we don’t WANT BROTHERS TO URINE BOMB OR FECES SMEAR ON MEMORIALS ASSOCIATED WITH HIM.”

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3 Responses to Maersk Alabama Captain "Coward" Richard Phillips Repeatedly Sodomized & Peed On by "Brave" Somali Pirates?

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  2. GeP says:

    that article’s total bullshit… but, it does go to show those stupid dead niggers, and all the other somilian nigger terrorists, mess with the best, die like the rest. an you all call for all you’re filthy chickenshit’s to deface U.S Memorials and graveyards an the like.. In a way I hope you do, and when you get caught, just remember it’s a federal offence.

  3. Stupid niggers always spreading bullshit lies jihad hassan is a skinny inbred nigger and muse is getting his shit pushed in by a white country boy named bubba at fci terre haut

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