Anderson Cooper: Sexiest Blue Eyed Devil Since JFK; Can handsome anchor lead race to salvation thru mass euthan- asia on Hitler's birthday 2010?

Anderson Cooper Suicide, Melanoma Execution or 1st White Euthanasia Messiah?
Sexy, blue eyed Anderson Cooper has what it takes to be the first great White Messiah and greater than Jim Jones and even (white) Christ if he can persuade his race to salvation through a ceremonious sacred, mass euthanasia, many in the New Age black movements believe.

If the rumor that he will kill himself on Hitler’s Birthday, next year is true and ask others to do so, he will be greater than that mythological white Jesus himself. – celebrity snitch Clarence Star says.

“Now is his time. He suffers severely from Classic American Racial Psychosis (CARP), but has been able to manage it.  It’s said he knows his ministry, to  become that white euthanasia messia his to begin this year.

Anderson Cooper: White Euthanasia MesiahHe’s a mixture of robust good looks, a filthy rich family and a privileged education – everything his kind admire.

His natural psychosis is suicide.

The Elijah Circle of Elders say the Divine cleared his path to lead his people through suicide through the courage his brother Carter had, in 1988, when he (Carter) did.

“Anderson knows he’s the one.  The question is whether he’ll have the courage to do it.

Then there is the Yakub Melanoma campaign against him. He’s been successfully branded before and carries so much shame from that. Everybody wants him to make the right choice.”

jfkjr.jpg“He is, quite possibly, the sexiest, blue-eyed white devil since JFK Jr; and will be greater than JFK after death, if he succeeds.”

“Kowing his brother committed  suicide will be easier for,” says Harlem Dyse of the Global Black Alliance. “God helped his brother commit suicide to clear the path for him.”

Dyse says the GBA has fully embraced African-Asian psychologist Lehand Quok Jr.’s declaration that the only way whites can redeem themselves to the divine is through suicide and are encouraging all white people to consider their people’s recorded history and fulfill this glorious act for their salvation.

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1 Response to Anderson Cooper: Sexiest Blue Eyed Devil Since JFK; Can handsome anchor lead race to salvation thru mass euthan- asia on Hitler's birthday 2010?

  1. Tarquin says:

    This is the funniest website EVER! So glad I found it. Better than the Onion.

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