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Oakland's Oscar Grant, Queen's Sean Bell, Muskegon's Julius Johnson & Portland's Aaron Campbell: & You Wonder Where "Fuck Tha Police Comes From?" Shittycop, by Creaux Steele

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“Fuck Mobile County Racial Terrorist DA John Tyson Jr & Dead Reparations Offender Kyser Miree.” – Mobile Black Foot Soldiers Rally For Alleged Protesters Michael Lee, Earnest Wiggins, Bo Taylor & Jamal Lang, Issue Condemnation For City’s 200,000 White “Generational Reparations Offenders.”

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Rashaad Scruggs, Hassan Shakur, Maurice Clemmons, Mumia Abul Jamal, Lovelle Mixon, Daniel Giddings & Howard Cain: Heroes Of The Modern Generation, Soldiers' Stories

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Sell the bullshit somewhere else. Selective racism is the deceptive discrimination practiced by the of whites in our age. Officer “I gave black basketball star Reggie Lewis mouth-to-mouth resuscitation” James Crowley underscores his inapropriate, racist behavior by now offering up … Continue reading

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