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"Those Mongrels Ain’t Jews & That Ain’t Israel. Jerusalem Is Where The Jews Are Not Where America Built Illegitimacy. You Are Not Israel. TRADITION VS BLOOD: You Are The Synagogue Of Satan. As Jesus Despised You Imposters, We True Jews Despised You Too." Blacks Against Israel (BAI); FEATURING EXCLUSIVE Excerpts From Ancient Egypt Historian Rondeux & Oracle Truth Revealed

There were no whites living in the holy lands at the time the holy books were written. Whites were cave dwellers , and they took the traditions and wrote themselves into history and tried to write us out, except they … Continue reading

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NBFSN Condemns Mark Potok & Racially Bias Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC’s “Racist Black Nationalist” Characterization Of New Black Panther Party (NBPP) Leader Malik Zulu Shabazz

NBFSN General Cedishon Angelou condemned the Southern Law Poverty Center SPLC’s characterization of New Black Panther Party leader Malki Zulu Shabazz as a “racist black nationalist” and called the organization a racist pro American & Israeli radical sect that fronts … Continue reading

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The Joan Arnow Melanoma Execution: Fake Jew's Fake Philanthropy Condemned By Westchester Yakub Muslims

Leading Westchester County Yakub Muslims are expressing satisfaction with the completion of The Joan Arnow Melanoma Execution. “This should be a reminder to “all those who say they are Jews but aren’t that they are of the Synagogue of Satan … Continue reading

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