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“WE DON’T DIE! WE MULTIPLY! Melanoma Speaks To Devil’s Interferon Alpha 2b, Decabazine, Interleukin-2, BioVex’s OncoVEX, Bristol-Myers’ Ipilimumab & Pfizer’s Tremelimumab: You Can Cure Disease, Not Damnation!

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Bristol-Myers: Devil's 10 Extra Months w/ Ipilimumab; Won't Recognize Yakub Muslim "Nigger Fecal Extracts" As Only Cure To Incurable Melanoma Prophesy

Sources within the Yakub Muslim medial community are calling Brystol Myers’ Ipilimunab  an intentional and deliberate false flag  campaign meant to discredit against the new Yakub Muslim “Nigger Fecal Extracts” as the only  solution for the white skin curse that … Continue reading

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