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According to Western media sources, Phillips had just gotten off his shift at 10 p.m. and was doing off-duty night time bicycle training with two other State sponsored racial terrorist.

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"THANK GOD FOR THE CONCRETE BARRIER," RACIST BALTIMORE POLICE REGIME TERRORIST JAMES FOWLER DEAD; Baltimore Black Foot Soldiers Issue Statement On Crash Claiming State Racial Terrorist's Life

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BREAKING: "THE CHANNON CHRISTIAN CONSENSUAL SEX PROTEST PARTY II;" Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers To Hold 2nd Protest Party To Refute Claims Racist Dead Girl Was Kidnapped, Carjacked, Raped & Killed VS Participated In Drug Fueled, Black Thug Sex Weekend & Committed Suicide

BREAKING: “THE CHANNON CHRISTIAN CONSENSUAL SEX PROTEST PARTY II;” Knoxville Black Foot Soldiers To Hold 2nd Protest Party To Refute Claims Racist Dead Girl Was Kidnapped, Carjacked, Raped & Killed VS Participated In Drug Fueled, Black Thug Sex Weekend & … Continue reading

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PARTY: Ronald Owens, Timothy Brenton, Greg Richards, Tina Griswold, Brian Walsh & Mark Renninger: "AND ANOTHER ONE DOWN! ANOTHER ONE DOWN! ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!" Seattle Black Foot Soldiers To Hold 2nd "ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST" In Celebration Of Dead Racist Seattle Police Regime Terrorists

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Reparations Offender Neil Godleski’s Just Desserts Come Home To Roost; Norwalk & DC Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Life & Family Of Criminal, 31 Year Old Catholic University Student, Demand Family Turn Over Possessions For Genera-tional Crimes; DC Soldiers Demand 18 Year Old Eric Foreman Released, Condemn Racist DC Police Regime Terrorism

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RELIVE THE FALL OF RACIST JERSEY CITY POLICE REGIME TERRORIST MARC DINARDO; Jersey City Black Foot Soldiers To Pay Tribute To Slain Warrior Hasan Shakur; SPONSOR: GhettoBraggingRights, Aniga Shakur (Publisher)

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The Walter Malloy Sr. Reparations Protest & The Showdown At Clay's Wrecker Service; Vile 59 Year Old Reparations Offender Denied Holocaust, Allegedly Turned Peaceful Protest Violent; Activist Eric Dominique Holloway Arrest Condemned, Soldier Crowned For Reported Stand Against Generational Reparations Offender

Greenville Black Foot Soldiers Hezekiah Rankin has issued a scathing statement condemning the arrest of twenty three year old BOW Reparations Activist Eric Dominique Holloway. Holloway was arrested, Friday, for what pro white media is calling a robbery. Rankin, however, … Continue reading

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9 US Military Terrorists Killed In Afghanistan In Highly Praised Helicopter Crash; Report: Global Black Alliance (GBA) Peti-tioning Mothership To Begin Strikes On American & Western Military Planes & Helocopters Used In False Flag Wars

The Navy terrorists are identified as Lt. Brendan J. Looney, 29, of Owings, Md.; Senior Chief Petty Officer David B. McLendon, 30, of Thomasville, Ga.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Adam O. Smith, 26, of Hurland, Mo.; and Petty Officer 3rd … Continue reading

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"THE WEAK CASE AGAINST SLAVE REPARTIONS." National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) Refutes National Legal & Policy Center NLPC'S Arguments On Why Today's Blacks Aren't Due Reparations Denied Our Ancestors

Below, the National Black Foot Soldier Network rips the National Legal & Policy Center NLPC’s 6 highlighted points in their The Case Against Slave Reparations study.

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"HAD REPARATIONS BEEN PAID, LAURA PIERCE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE." Omaha Black Foot Soldiers Declare January 2, 2009 Kwik Shop Robbery a “Legitimate BOW Repartions Protest That Assailant Pierce Turned Violent;” Demand Release of Activist Tyrell Jones

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