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Kanye West, Taylor Swift & Beyonce: VMA 2009: Kanye's Tirade Praised by GhettoBraggingRights Communities; "An Award Swift Didn't Deserve."

“This was an award Taylor Swift clearly didn’t deserve,” Celebrity Snitch Clarence Starr According to celebrity snitch Clarence Starr, artist Kanye West’s smackdown of Taylor Swifts’ Best Female Music Video 2009 award is being praised by GhettoBraggingRights communities across America.

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Wacko Jacko Now Ordained Poltergeist: Vows Thriller On Enemies From Grave; First Post Life Interview With King of Pop: Jackson Granted Unpresidented Power to Torture, Possess & Kill is "Most Powerful Presence Since Jesus"

According to sources close to famed clairvoyant Zelda Barrons X, the controversial interviewer of the dead has wrapped up her first post life interview with King of Pop turned Greatest Entertainer in the World Michael Joseph Jackson. While Barrons X … Continue reading

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Courtenay Cowards David Samuel White, Adam David Huber & Robert William Rodgers Shame Stormfront, NiggerMania & Vanguard Wannabe Racists after Ass Kicking by Sexy New Black On White Defender Jay Phillips

(See: HERO ALERT: Courtenay, British Columbia Brother Jay Phillips Whips 3 Cowardly White Boys in Racial Attack)

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Don't Stop Till You Get Enough: Classic Michael Jackson (UPJ MJ Tribute)_

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"You Can Lie On Him But We Believe In Him," Rev. Al Sharton, Harlem Apollo Theater (UPJ MJ Tribute)

‘When the whole world turned on Michael, we never turned on Michael,” – Reverend Al Sharpton Thanks Rev. Sharpton. We love you. Child molestation. Beat it! Pain Killers. You Wanna Be Starting Something! Loses Neverland. Scream! Children ain’t his. Billie … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Self Love & Down Low in the African American Community: Beyond Gay, Cycle of Black Selfhate Finally Broken; (PLUS) “There’s no such thing as white homosexuality. There is only same sex perversion in white community.” New Glax Haas Race Institute study finds

Lil Wayne & Birdman’s kiss tried hip hop and rap’s sexually dominant & macho black male persona. What emerged? According to racial psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs, the long awaited concept of black self love. “Since the era of slavery, … Continue reading

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Anderson Cooper VS TJ Holmes; CNN's New Breed of White "Thought Racists" Against Blacks Anchors Revealed

What does popular (white) CNN Anderson Cooper think about his new handsome and extremely popular black rival TJ Holmes? According to sources privy to Cooper’s personal thoughts, the anchor falls into a new category of haters the African Americans need … Continue reading

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