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Not for reuse as non-official promotional only “IT’S A BREAK THROUGH ROLE FOR SPEARS… EXCEEDED SEX SCENE EXPECTATIONS… “ Get ready to watch Britney Spears in a number of disturbing sex scenes as the pop tart is reportedly in discussions … Continue reading

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God is the God of the Underdog, Not the God of the Pig.”

Offer God, at minimum 7 swallows of water (1cup) for Him to whip (white) America. The morning the Pin Oak Levee broke and washed away all their racist property in Lincoln County, I’d drank an extra cup of water. I … Continue reading

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Stinking Joshua Miktarian: My Last Racial Profile

“The Modus operandi of race-dirty cops like Twinsburg police officer Joshua Miktarian is always the same. They see a black man in a car, don’t like it and make up some fake reason to pull them over,” says GBR publisher … Continue reading

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Ghetto Bragging Rights: Black On Black Crime is Selfhatred; Allyn Chatman Rejected

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Ghetto Bragging Rights Features Mumia VS Daniel Faulkner: Who Died With More Honor?

Exodus 2:12 11 And it came to pass in those days, when Moses was grown, that he went out to his brothers, and looked on their burdens: and he spied an Egyptian smiting an Hebrew, one of his brothers. 12 … Continue reading

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Jason Statts Satanism in Savannah Georgia VS Ghetto Bragging Rights


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Was Channon Christian Playing Rape Me Too?

Sexy White Girl Admits Lust to be Robbed, Raped & Killed by Black Males

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North Carolina God Damn America Suicide Enthusiasts Hold Pep Rally For Hurricane Bertha to Destroy Whites; Georgia Blacks Praise Deathly Currents at Tybee Island; All Vow More Offerings

God Damn America movement blacks across the nation are praising God for the record setting Hurricane Bertha, vying for her to strike the States & wipe out white people’s property and hoping, the now down graded storm will reform as … Continue reading

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"It is the Summer of Burning the White Woman" Yacub13X

Yakub Sun Worshipers Take Credit: Melanoma Cases Skyrocket Among Young White Women The statistics released Friday about the rise in melanoma rates among young white women may have been cause for alarm among the white population, but the Yakub Sun … Continue reading

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Classic American Racial Psychosis

In 1994 Susan Smith, a young mother in Union, South Carolina, claimed that a man had commandeered her car with her two boys — Alex, 14-month-old, and Michael, 3-year-old. She described the carjacker as a “Black male in his late … Continue reading

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