1. McConaughey went black & …
“I don’t like skin that feels dry and abrasive,” sources close to McConaughey’s circle say he’s confided to his closest friends. “That’s why I like black and dark skinned women. Their skin is soft and alive like a flower’s petal.”

2. Black Penis Size, Channon Christian Rape

Here they are, all assembled for you together: Channon Christian rape, black male penis size & black woman booty. The exciting collage featuring white nationalism’s celebrity black on white crime poster gal Channon Christian, R&B Superstar Ray-J, the defaced body of Nigerian top model Oluchi Onweagba and Jamaca’s Emancipation Park stature was created by Ghetto Bragging Right’s free world penitentiary artist Nikel Felon. They represent our Top 3daily top search queries. Finally, number four is fallen celeb Britney Spears.

3. Channon Christian Lie & Cover Up II

Do you ever get the feeling that it’s just all one big perverted game to white people: their concepts of justice, decency, integrity and honor? Take, for example, the deviant behavior of United States Senators Mark Foley and Larry Craig – influential men in positions of public representation. We might even consider the Weapons of Mass Destruction motive that led them to the attack of Iraq and the murder of its leader. A disturbing pattern unfolds before us: people with personable public personas and dark reprobate agendas and lives. Can we, then, expect anything more of the people who vote for and support them? No. Hence, Channon Gail Christian and Christopher Newsom.

4. Ghetto Bragging Rights Community Hold Ca

5. Blacks to Officer Stephen Liczbinski: Ha


To unite Philly’s blacks and steer them toward one common goal, the anti black poverty champ St. Nicolas Thief arrived in The City of Brotherly Love, Monday, to coordinate a social action protest the Philly Ghetto Bragging Rights community has dubbed: don’t PISS IN PHILLY’S STREETS.

“With all that’s going on here and in New York, we extended the invitation for Thief to visit our city and share with us some of his insights,” Philly GBR member Phunke Cousins said. “Reminding us not to piss in public places where white people have to walk is what we needed to hear.”

6. The Prettiest White Girl on the Earth

Daily Mail journalist Ben Clerkin stops just shy of calling her the prettiest, sexiest & smartest girl on the planet. But, is she really pretty?

Her flowing reddish hair seems highlighted with natural blonde ends. Her ocean blue eyes glow. The collection of youthful freckles decorating her face: are they perfect? It is an assembly of skin and facial characteristics that, according to some scholars, is not only a reflection of beauty’s perfection, but, can too, determine your very achievements in life.

7. “Daphne killed Channon”
“Not only did Channon kill Christopher, but, there is reason to believe that Daphne Sutton, killed Channon Christian,” says Ghetto Bragging Rights publisher Kirkland Perkins.

What’s more is: Underprivileged Journalism has learned that authorities should have considered Daphne Sutton as the primary indiviual involved in Channon Christian’s death.

U.S. District Court, defense attorney Phil Lomonaco spoke of the mass cover-up and, what is now being recognized as, an illegal prosecution of the five black defendants, this week – the first week of the State’s trial:

“The government has purposefully and unconstitutionally singled Mr. Boyd out for prosecution for his race,” the attorney wrote. “(Sutton), who is a white female and whose (uncle) is a Knoxville police officer, escaped indictment and prosecution.”



8. The Worst Cities for Blacks to Live In


Did you know that there is a relationship between the often perversely violent psychotic episodes most often demonstrated by white people and days with sharp surges in ground level ultraviolet light radiation and that white on black racial attacks surge on these days too?

(UPDATE: National Curfew For Whites REISSUED: VIOLATERS RECEIVE MELANOMAS Black Sun Worshipers Publish New Hours Whites Allowed Outdoors; Admonish Whites Not to Violate Restrictions)

9. Black men & white male enhancement

Analyzing the genetic makeup of 20 Americans of European ancestry and 15 African-Americans, researchers found that the former showed much less variation among 10,000 tested genes than did the latter, which was expected.

“It’s not the size, it’s the color. Even though we are genetically stronger & our pieces are bigger, it is the blackness that completes sexual activities. Blackness makes sex whole. It is our color our women taste and feel.” – Harlem Dyse, Black American Anarchists

10. Eve Carson & Privileged White Flaunt


It’s the game of the privileged, white narcissist.

They call it Privileged White Flaunt.

One of the best documented cases is the 2005 Christmas Eve slaying of Savannah, Georgia’s debutante sweetheart Jennifer Ross.

It is alleged, until her slaying, Ross was part of a circle of affluent whites who played Privileged White Flaunt shamelessly.

11. The Whitest Kids’ Darkest Sides


“Their thoughts are all alike: perverted & lusting black male sexuality. But they’ve graduated from just wanting the black male’s sexuality. This generation of white girls & woman and sometimes even boys & men want black males to rob, rape & kill them too.” – Kirkland Perkins

“We can foresee a day when white women will no longer want sex from black men and will only want us to violently slay them.”

32 Responses to Top11

  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Like i said before, the people who run this site, and post this material should lose your right to freedom of speech. You have no soul, or heart. You just promote hate and satan.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      White Truth,
      You wouldn’t know love and God if ‘He’ let you stand in ‘His’ holy Sunlight carelessly, again. Your race’s perverse hypocrisy is historic and you remain true to your course of oppression today.

      “We know that God is just b/c ‘He’ has made ‘His’ holy Sunlight to discriminate between those ‘He’ loves & those ‘He’ despises.” – E. Belial


  3. Slaughter, Lost, Slaughter:

    In all of my replies to your unjust, crude, false publications, you have failed to answer any of my questions with any real response. You think that YOUR god is the one who makes you think that white people are “creatures”. You Don’t even refer to whom your god is. Answer with a REAL response….. you have never met me, nor 300 billion people… I think corporate media has gone to your head to much. Tell me what caused you to think that any god would tell you to kill people and hate others. Enlighten me with your BS once more in a timely fashion before your shutdown and become another site that becomes a forgotten mistake.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      The word of God, like the Sun of God can’t be stopped. White people put on sun block does that prevent their skin from being consumed? Now that we’ve moved into this new era, where Sunlight has condemned you, most agree that you aren’t owed answers and or explanations. Should blacks and people of color see you (whites) any differently than how the Sun of God looks upon you.

      Your God is invisible. Our God not only rises and sets daily, but too destroys, shames and kills the skin of those He despises.


      • Anonymous says:

        hey slaughter….interesting you sound an awful lot like a klansmen……way to honor the memory of your ancestors…..the ones who did the real heavy lifting….moron…

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          “Give us the chance to strip you of your name & religion, rape & slay you without penalty and relegate you to institutionalized poverty & then call us racist.” St. Nicolas Thief

          Slaughter Lightfoot

  4. No credability or sense. So you believe Ra wan’ts to burn all the white people? You have one messed up belief. Stop by the doctor and get your head checked. Then ask some of the people who wrote those Glyphs …oh wait…. they’re dead. That means no one will ever fully understand that bologna you call a belief.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Your demonstration of “bologna(nizing)” others’ “beliefs” is in the narcissistic vain of your perverted forefathers. The Hieroglyphics, Qu’ran and Bible each tell that your race’s rejection of love results in your being burned from the face of the planet” & shamed for your hatred & idolatry.

      That it bears no credibility & makes no sense to you, (respectfully) a white devil, is not only heartening and reassuring, but (too) predictable.

      Your invisible god is your bologna.


  5. You just show hatred without cause and promote violence. You think you can go on forever? Lemme guess…. you have the homemade handwritten version of the quaran by some guy claiming to be ra returning to give you your wealth and destruction of white people. You Still haven’t told me where your from. It would be better to have an exact location. I find this very amusing and would like to discuss these pathetic views of yours in a more in your face enviornment. That way I can see the reaction you make when I can shove more “TRUTH” in your ear than you could ever fathom. Why don’t you want to answer me directly?

  6. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    You just show hatred without cause and promote violence.
    Why Truth Of The Matter From A White Guy, your propensity to ignore your culture’s history isn’t alarming; but, I kind of expected a little more from you.

    “It is the Light of Sun of God that despises whites & teaches men to do so,” my pastor says. So, do go putting hatred and violence off on me.

    Respectfully, I’m trying to understand your desire to know my exact location. Your reason: I find this very amusing and would like to discuss these pathetic views of yours in a more in your face enviornment. That way I can see the reaction you make when I can shove more “TRUTH” in your ear than you could ever fathom…. isn’t making much sense. Are you saying you’d like to sit down and have a face to face?


  7. Slaughter said: “Are you saying you’d like to sit down and have a face to face?”


    How much more did I have to say to get you to understand that. I also would love to find out more about your church, and how many people acctually go to it. I want to understand also why you believe the things you say to everyone else. I actually believe that no matter what is broken, it can be fixed, so Slaughter, that is why I’m going through so much trouble to understand people like you. Even when you have hate. I don’t understand what white people have done to you, or who introduced this belief to you. If one “White Guy” (me) is trying soo hard to make peace and stop hate in all of us, especially with all of the comments that I’ve made, then why do you still believe that I, and all whites are the way that you say they are.
    You were upset because you said I stereotyped you and singled you out because your black. Sorry dude…… I have soo many friends from almost every country in the world. Even if they all did front and pretend to be my friend, atleast they showed enough respect to speak to me without hatred or violence. At first maybe no. I do agree that the majority of the people in the world are diluted with tooo many influences, and teachings that no one will ever know the truth till their death. The true judgement day.

    one reason I want to know your location is so I don’t mistake you for someone living in America just doing this for ratings.

    You also said:
    The Americans bomb for no reason without warning”
    This is a cruel world, not just the cruel USA. Think of the japanese when they bombed pearl harbor Slaughter. You realize that we were peace keepers in the 2nd world war. We were the last to enter and last to fire a shot. It wasn’t until the pearl harbor attacks that we even got involved with it. We knew what hitler was doing and we still thought we could fix that problem without going to war.
    What do I have to do to get you to understand that just because our government does something, that not all of us are behind it. Why do you think that we have people in jail right now for criticising Bush and his bullshit. Ya…. I never voted for bush, don’t like bush, and I thought that the Iraq/Afghanistan war could have been handled differently but, atleast I can still sleep knowing that “I” am doing my part to make this world a better place.

    Slaughter, I give you the table. Clean and clear. Prove that you do have some kind of reasoning, and enlighten me. My ears have always been open and even if you choose to still hate me for trying to bridge these gaps, and continue your persuit for the death of whites and all Americans, I will still be here to promote peace. This says a lot about me, and how hard I work. Don’t knock me until you give me a chance. I worked hard all my life to prevent people like you, from believing that people from all over the world can’t get along.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      so Slaughter, that is why I’m going through so much trouble to understand people like you. Even when you have hate.

      I don’t think you’re able to see this clearly b/c your position in the dialog. Because you don’t think of yourself and your race as evil, you have hate and justice confused. So, just for clarity, you don’t think you and your race need to be held accountable for your atrocities?


    • Mary Jane says:

      U do have that wrong,the same rich international bankers and elite financed both sides in that war. That is the one thing about slaughter,he does speak alot of truth that most people are not able to conceive

  8. I did not do anything to anyone, nor should be held accountable for anything someone else has done. I still don’t have any kind of real response from your “Fragile, Warped, Mind”. You leave me no choice but to stay here and be a really big headache to your cruel intentions.

    Until we meet in person,
    “The Truth”

  9. xhofwsiey says:

    xHnnaE puowhizbipls, [url=]cqjmatmfahwj[/url], [link=]iovuztoglgui[/link],

  10. Ryan says:

    This is the most ridiculous website in the history of the Internet.

  11. Anonymous says:

    um can someone give this sites author his mommas titty back in his mouth.

  12. D. Uwins says:

    Ha. So many generalizations here, and some factual information which has been manipulated into fanciful idealism.

    Listen. White people are white, because of their geographical location on earth; having to do with less pigmentation in the skin for protection against radiation from the sun in a particular location, and genetics. Certainly not at all having to do with the pseudo religous jargon implied on this website.

    As well, the Pineal Gland is NOT calcified in white people(lol), or anyone. Any healthy younger to middle aged person will have a normal functioning Pineal Gland. Calcification of the Pineal is attributed to age and nutritional diet, again, not to the pseudo religious, militant jargon present on this website.

    It is true that there is more genetic diversity present within the DNA from people from Africa.

    I do not hold any more or less respect for African people than I do for Japanese people, South American people, Russian people, Tibetan people, Australian people, Eskimo people, Cree Indian people or any other population, and I am white.

    Truth is, it’s all about respect and realizing the world for what it is and that we all share it. Every different population(color) on earth has unique characteristics that are wonderful and equal in importance to all others. To think anything less is ridiculous and short sighted.

  13. georgia cracker says:

    Ive bleached a few negros in my time. Used muriatic acid on a few too.

    If you soak them long enough with bleach they actually do get a bit lighter.

    The muriatic acid doesnt bleach them though it just “burns” the skin.

    I worked at a place in georgia once and had a negro bump into me while at my workstation as he was walking by me carrying a box of something.

    I took a bottle of a corrosive metal cleaner and doused his head and face good with it. It turned his skin a sickly looking gray color before it finally started to melt the skin. I say “melt” because thats the only thing I can think of that described it.

    It was a severe chemical burn in actuallity.

    I can give that boy credit for one thing. He survived it….even came back to work a month or so later..and I’ll tell you one thing…..that nigger would run to get outta my way…lol

  14. andgodmadelight says:

    For a life of embracing the debased concept of Western Beauty, Katie’s just desserts.

  15. ShatteredDreams says:

    He said black people look more diverse than white people?
    Niggers are look the same, have the same pubic hair on their head (which they try their hardest to straight when they ‘get dey hayr done’)
    Niggers have the same yellow evil eyes, big monkey lips, fucked up nigger nose with two tunnels called nostrils.
    Why are niggers so stupid? LOL
    Why did niggers never record history with a written language? LOL
    All human beings reading this blog should thank your God of choice that he did not make you a nigger. Or you would look like Slaughter Lightfoot.

  16. I’m back Slaughter…..your favorite white guy.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This kind of thought is exactly what keeps racism alive. The Truth is an example of what need more of. Understanding, compassion, not hate and violence. I, like the Truth have many friends from all over the world from different races and we treat each other with respect. You think that white people should all die for what happened in the past? Do you remember a white guy named Lincoln who abolished slavery? You think you have it bad? You are able to have the freedoms of every other citizen. You put this BS up and nothing will happen because of these freedoms and all you can do is hate. There are good and bad people in every race. You have obviously have chosen the latter.

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      The Civil War wasn’t about freeing the slaves. It was about preserving the Union. Lincoln didn’t think black and whites belonged together. Good and bad are different than righteous and wicked. When your race’s contemporary behavior on the earth is coupled with its history, you are the latter – wicked.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • Anonymous says:

        I wasn’t talking about the civil war, I merely was pointing out that a white President, from the past is the one who abolished it. Show me the proof where Lincoln doesn’t think all men are created equal. You, my friend have the problem… living in the past.

        • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

          Your mention of Lincoln abolishing slavery, though, is misleading. He didn’t abolish slavery for our sake or because he thought we should have the same rights as whites. He was an evil racist who hated us.

          I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races–that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which will ever forbid the two races living together in terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together, there must be the position of superior and inferior. I am as much as any other man in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.(Link)

          You my friend are just like your reprobate forefathers.

          Slaughter Lightfoot

          • Anonymous says:

            and you slaughter, are just a plagiaristic fuck with visions of grandeur, that has no true knowledge of you’re own. you worthless nigger.

  18. Billy says:

    truly great things here, just many thanks

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