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White Devil Michael Harvey & Cavewoman Valerie Hamilton: Daughter Of Chief Racist Concord Police Regime Terrorist Merle Hamilton Gets To Eats Cake Too; North Carolina Black Foot Soldiers Issue Statewide Warning About Increased Psychotic Behavior Of White Male & Mutant Female Crea-tures, “Be Warned: They Are Not Human. They Are Mankind.” Was Ugliest White Girl In Town Sacrificed In Satanic Ritual?

“Nothing in the white community is as it seems,” psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs said in a recent interview with UnderprivilegedJournalism. “Though they present themselves as civilized and God fearing, it is a savage culture that beneath their civilized front, … Continue reading

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The Intelligence of Mankind & "Dr." James D. Watson; "Who's Greater: The Pot or Pot Maker?" Yakub13X in Atlanta

“Mankind has a knack for discovering things already known and, using his limited measuring techniques to attempt to compare its so called intelligence against the intelligence of man,” says Yakub Islam minister Yakub13X. Minister 13X, who designated his ministry to … Continue reading

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