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The Kaye Cowher Melanoma Execution: “Excoriation Of Wife of Former Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Bill Cowher Is Warning To All Caucasus Mountain Mutants,” Raleigh Yakub Muslims

Raleigh, North Carolina Yakub Muslims have issued a statement concerning the successful completion of the Melanoma Execution of former Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Bill Cowher, Kaye Cowher stating: “Caucasus mountain mutants should view it as a slave left hanging from the … Continue reading

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The State Rep Paul Crowley Melanoma Execution: Longest-Serving Democrat In Rhode Island House of Representatives Burned To Death; Rhode Island Yakub Muslims Admonish Whites: Sun Of God Is Respecter Of Persons Who Doesn't Exclude White Democrats

“Just like slaves whites left hanging from trees God slowly burned State Representative Paul Crowley to death showing whites His contempt for them and revealing to all other people of color that the behavior of whites is unacceptable” – Jacobi … Continue reading

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THE ALLEN H. (BUD) SELIG MELANOMA EXECUTION: MLB Commissioner Admits Successful Stage IV Yakub Melanoma; Yakub Muslims: Whites Need Heed Warnings, Curfew & New Laws

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Where BioVex’s OncoVEX, Bristol-Myers’ Ipilimumab & Pfizer’s Tremelimumab Fail, Yakub Muslim Topical Nigger Fecal Extracts Don’t: (EXCLUSIVE) Melanoma Cure Found In Black Waste…

While the West is busy promoting BioVex’s OncoVEX, Bristol-Myers’ Ipilimumab & Pfizer’s Tremelimumab as the top cures for Melanoma, Yakub Muslim scientist researchers are saying that the Melanoma has no “cure” and that the only true preventive measure or treatment … Continue reading

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"New studies show melanoma is most common form of cancer in young whites," Western science admission

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The Trey Rood Melanoma Execution: "Do White Kids Deserve To Enjoy Sun of God? No." – Georgia Yakub Muslims

“Considering their kind’s historical and contemporary atrocities, should today’s white children be able to carelessly enjoy the Light of The Sun of God,” asks Atlanta Yakub Muslim minister Ramesses Hotep. “No,” he answers.

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