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“Re-Arrest Sarah Shourd & Execute Shane Bauer & Joshua Fattal?” Global Black Alliance (GBA) Praises Iranian Sentencing Of American Racial Propaganda Terrorists; REPORT: We Believe They Were Spreading Deadly White Propaganda & Would Not Oppose Their Execution & Re-Arrested Of Shourd

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“All whites are racist. The act of having white skin is racist. It is an indicator that you have not benefited from the blood of our ancestors. And to top all that off you sit around thinking racist thoughts as if the “evolved” new age Black cannot listen. You albino genetic mutations should voluntarily wipe yourselves out and save us the effort.” – Black Revolutionary Specialist

“Before you call us racists or the KKK, give us the chance to enslave you, dehumanize you, strip you of your name & religion, rape & slay you without penalty and relegate you to generations of institutionalized racism, discriminations and … Continue reading

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White People’s Most Lasting Contributions To The Earth: Pollution & Racism

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