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BUSTED: KYSER MIREE & PRIVILEGED WHITE FLAUNT (PWF)? Was Suspected Slave Owner Kyser Miree Part Of Alleged Racist Vanderbilt PWF Secret Society? Did He Continue Alleged Psycho-Racist Behavior In Mobile, Alabama: Flaunting Possessions Before Underprivileged Blacks? (PLUS SEE:) Is Protester Michael Lee GhettoBraggingRight’s 2010 Hardest Black Male Felon? (Submitted by DigitalMonkeys)

Was privileged Birmingham, Alabama native Kyser Miree, whose family is suspected of owning slaves, part of an alleged racist and obnoxious Privileged White Flaunt secret society at Vanderbilt University – the school at which he graduated Magna Cum Laude? Miree, … Continue reading

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The Stephen Pitcairn Reparations Protest, By Activists John Alexander Wagner & Lavelva Merritt; Baltimore Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Privileged Reparations Denier, Demand Activists Released; Was Pitcairn Playing Privileged White Flaunt?

How did twenty three year old Stephen Pitcairn turn what should have been a peaceful Reparations Protest violent?

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Exclusive: “Every Brother Know What It Mean When a Sexy White Girl Say She Wanna Be “Channon Christianed;” Eve Carson & Privileged White Freaky?

“She liked to play the Privileged White Flaunt Freaky where affluent white girls flash their possessions and play with themselves. “You can tell when they playin’ it freaky-style cause they’ll circle the block two or three times. We be standing … Continue reading

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Self Absorbed Whites Party at Mulligan’s Pub! Cincinatti’s Lonnie "Bonafide Hustler" Webster VS Privileged Rob Pursley

 We live in the time of judgment. So we can expect an infultration of the long-awaited “spirits” of karma and the universal laws to swing into full effect.”  – UPJ NETWORK CONTRIBUTOR, TRUTHREVEALED  Sirach 39:28-31 28 There be spirits creat-ed … Continue reading

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