Featured Melanoma Executions

1. The Mark Martinovich Melanoma Execution

 The Mark Martinovich Melanoma Execution Based on their skin color, whites exalted themselves above everyone else on the planet and called everyone else: ugly, evil and inferior. Now, that giving everyone else life burns whites’ skin.

2.Jenny Steingass Melanoma Execution

Jenny Steingass Melanoma ExecutionSkin cancers and melanomas are the curse of God against white people for their skin sins and continued evil of today. In Daniel, Isaiah and Revelations God warns He will curse the evil with the Sores That Do Not Heal. Skin cancer and melanomas are these sores.

3. Robert A. Corr Melanoma Execution

4.The Fred Synk Melanoma Execution

5. Phillip Wise Melanoma Execution

The Pastor Phillip Wise Melanoma Execution

6. The Justice Daniel O’Hern Melanoma Execution

7. Jordon Hamilton Melanoma Execution

8.The Craig Chambers Melanoma Execution

9. State Rep Paul Crowley’s Melanoma Execution: the Slave Left Swinging From Tree

Paul CrowleyState Representative Paul W. Crowley, champion for white children, 1949-2007“Just like slaves whites left hanging from trees God slowly burned State Representative Paul Crowley to death showing whites His contempt for them and revealing to all other people of color that the behavior of whites is unacceptable” – Jacobi Ali.Ali, who spoke to black sun worshipers in Rhode Island, after Crowley’s death admonished people of all other races that they are not to replicate white people’s behavior.“God is warning us that any race of people who demonstrate the behavior white people have demonstrated will be burned from the earth.“God can make His sunlight single out and target any race of people He wants to burn from existence.”

10.Arrogant, Greedy Sinner Burned to Death in Lakes of Fires

arrogant skin sinnerGeorge W. Baldwin, a prominent businessman in Brockton and Easton and a dedicated community volunteer, died in his Easton home Dec. 12 after a three-year battle with melanoma. He was 59.

Mr. Baldwin was the owner and CEO of Corporate Realty Associates, a commercial real estate firm in Brockton that he opened in the mid-1980s.

“He was a realtor to the core,” said his wife, Maria. “He was always looking around for land, and trying to determine what its best use was and how it could be something of value.”

God has fixed His holy light to discriminate between black and whites so that it burns the whites.

Ultraviolet light is the fire of the 2nd Rapture burning evil from the earth.

Waldorf Caruthers

White people wouldn’t even treat black people with basic human and civil rights until there were laws put into affect. You wouldn’t do it just for the sake of love. My God! What kind of creature stands before us today? Martin Luther King himself was astonished! He had to abandon his love crusade and push for laws when he learned, “My God, these people will hit you, without having been struck! These people will sic dogs and spray water on your women and children.” Your terrible crusade in Iraq shows you are the same people today! Martin Luther had to abandon his hope that you would learn love and fight for blacks’ rights because it is just. He had to pursue it through law. What does this tell you? Now whites have taken the laws and masked their hatred for blacks through codes and zones and districtings that perpetuate the same systems of economic disparity. My God! You wouldn’t do right except for by laws? And you won’t do right by them either.

For white people, it was easy, convienent and strategic to kill Dr. Martin Luther King and honor him afterward.


THEY DESERVE SKIN CANCER” – minister Jacobi Ali

8 Responses to GraveYard

  1. ZMRH says:

    To the post just above – You speak the unadulterated truth! Many times as I’ve watched old civil rights and jim crow documentaries, I’ve had to ask over and over: My God, what manner of human being is this, that has NO heart!?!

  2. jon-jon says:

    Researchers have found that among patients suffering from melanomas, those from a black or Hispanic background were more likely than whites to have the advanced stage of melanoma at the time of diagnosis.

    The report is published in the June issue of Archives of Dermatology.

  3. rick cali says:

    where can i meet you. i would love to see the face that this hate comes from… sincerely, rick

  4. Anonymous says:


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