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The Meaning Of Kenyan, Anti-Colonial Behavior: People Of Color Against White Imperialism; Psycho-Racist Newt Gingrich Inadver-tently States Collective White West’s True Political Agenda: To Continue World Dominance Through Racial Tyranny & Terrorism

According to author Peter Louis Goldman, who published The Death and Life of Malcom X (1979), in the alleged single meeting in which Civil Rights leader MLK met the Nation of Islam’s Elijah Muhammad, Dr. King asked Elijah: do you … Continue reading

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Recognize All Black History Month Heroes: Jesus, Tupac, Obama, A Slave Named Peter, W.E.B. Dubois, Tutankamon, Nat Turner, Mumia Abu Jamal, Michael "Slave Avenger" Thorpe, Malcom X, Lovelle Mixon, Maurice Clemmons Add Your Name Here ________ ___________;

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Renaming The So Called 9/11 Terror Attack to The 9/11 Savage Comedy: White Americans Should Be Only Group Prohibited From Building On Ground Zero," Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs

“Only one group of people is responsible for the spectacular events that unfolded on September 11rh, 2001:  white people; and,  these psychotic, racist, greedy & warmongering savages are now playing the politics of their country’s duplicitous mass conspiracy to the … Continue reading

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Tea Party KKKooks Blinded By Historic White Hatred

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I Wanted to Say, "Correction Mr. President, The Epicenter of Terrorist Extremism Is America, Europe & Israel;" But 2nd Language Translator Assures the Head Nigger In Charge (HNIC) Still: New World Order Spoiler

Could author Ralph Ellison have ever peceived that a black man would be authorizing thousands of American troops (many of whom fellow blacks) to go forward to fight in another of the white man’s wars when he coined the phrase, head … Continue reading

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"Naming the Next Child Khalid Sheikh Mohammed" – Global Black Alliance (GBA) Prince Khomeini

– Prince KhomeiniGlobal Black Alliance

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