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The State Rep Paul Crowley Melanoma Execution: Longest-Serving Democrat In Rhode Island House of Representatives Burned To Death; Rhode Island Yakub Muslims Admonish Whites: Sun Of God Is Respecter Of Persons Who Doesn't Exclude White Democrats

“Just like slaves whites left hanging from trees God slowly burned State Representative Paul Crowley to death showing whites His contempt for them and revealing to all other people of color that the behavior of whites is unacceptable” – Jacobi … Continue reading

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Reprobate Salem New Hampshire Skin Sinner Kim Sanga Book "Beyond The Scars" Condemned By Salem Yakub Muslims: Sun Of God Shall Not Be Mocked. Ultraviolet light is the Fire of the 2nd Rapture of God.

“The scars from skin cancer treatments made Kim Sanga too embarrassed to wear a two-piece bathing suit in her own backyard. Her husband, Shawn, told her she was crazy and that her scars tell a story,” reports a Western publication. … Continue reading

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