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Trick Or Treat! All Hallow’s Eve Reparations Protests! Soldiers Encouraged: Seek Reparations

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Norfolk’s 2009 Pig Of Year, Racist Police Regime Terrorist Victor Decker OUT OF THERE! “DEAD AT LAST! DEAD AT LAST! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, HE’S DEAD AT LAST!” Virginia Beach Black Foot Soldier Anthony “Norfolk” Crawford; “Fuck Decker Funeral Protest Party” Reportedly “In Works”

Norfolk & Virginia Beach Black Foot Soldiers call the death of Racist Police Regime Terrorist Victor Decker “a victory in the struggle against white police terrorism.” White media sources: He was found lying by the side of his truck in … Continue reading

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THE LEAMON & ROBYN TURNAGE REPARATIONS PROTEST: TILL JOHN WESLEY EWELL DO US PART; "Had Reparations Been Paid, Leamon & Robyn Would Still Be Alive." LA County Black Foot Soldiers Admonish Hawthorne Whites: Until Slavery Debt Paid, The Sins Your Fathers Visit You Their Sons: Pay Our People What You Owe

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Oakland's Oscar Grant, Queen's Sean Bell, Muskegon's Julius Johnson & Portland's Aaron Campbell: & You Wonder Where "Fuck Tha Police Comes From?" Shittycop, by Creaux Steele

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“Why Don’t You Hos Wear Your Robes In The Courtroom” Wayne County Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Racist State Of Michigan’s Persecution Of Warrior Tyress Mathews For Self Defense Against “Officer” Edwards, Racially Terroristic Police Regime Alleged Harassment Of Mathews’ Family & Apparent State, Media & Taylor Whites’ Collusion To Demonize Tyress

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"Space Shuttle Discovery’s STS-133 Mission WILL BE DESTROYED" – New Collective Consciousness (NCC) Sources Confirm "The November 1st Touted Last Mission Of Terroristic Space Regime Will Be SMACKED DOWN, All 6 Astronauts Will Be Killed;" Earthen Cousins Of Heavily Melanated Extra Terrestrial Cousins Bid Mothership Strike On International Space Station – (Developing)

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Hate To Rain On Your Parade Or PISS ON YOUR FUNERAL: "don't DRINK & PISS IN WHITE PEOPLES' STREETS TIMOTHY PRUNTY DEATH CELEBRATION" THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY BYOB&P (Bring Your Own Beer & Piss) "no FECES BOMBING ENCOURAGED" (Sponsored by Shre- veport & Caddo Parish Black Foot Soldiers – Be A Soldier!)

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