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"White Ideas, Black Revolutions," For Nicholas Stix: "Seattle Black Foot Soldiers Internet Hoax;" … "It Is better to keep your mouth closed & be thought a fool than to open it & remove all doubt" – Seattle Black Foot Soldier Alfred "Issaquah" Shafford

Who said, “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”? A page titled Mark Twain and the Mutating Quote attributed at least four variations of the same phrase to … Continue reading

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Poor White Trash Extremist Ricky Liles & Reedley Police "Terrorist" Javier Bejar; California Soldiers Refuse Bejar Death Celebration For Ethnicity

While California Yakub Muslims didn’t make prayers for God to spare the life of Reedly Police Officer Javier Bejar, due to his ethnicity – reportedly, offerings weren’t made against him either. But, according to sources, at 5:30 P.M. today, his … Continue reading

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"Trailer Park Trash Gunman (Ricky Liles Dead), 2 More Pigs Down: Reedley F.A.K.E. Cop Javier Bejar Dead , 1 Fresno Copper Critically Wounded); "Racist Fresno County & Reedley Police Regime Terrorists' Chickens Come Home To Roost," California BlackFootSoldiers Praise "Implosion of White Psychosis & Hypocrisy," Condemn Racist Minkler "All White" Community

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The Diablo Place Reparatons Protest: Had Reparations Been Paid Carolyn Neville Would Still Be Alive, California Black Foot Soldiers

By the racist and terroristic regime of the State of California, Derlyn Ray Threats, 28, is charged with murder and special circumstance allegations in the Sept. 1, 2005, death of 24-year-old Carolyn Rebecca Neville, who was stabbed 80 times after … Continue reading

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