FECES BOMBED: "Rock" for Suspected Nigger Word Thinker & Reparations Offender Chris Kernich Desecrated

Cleveland, Akron and a  reported emerging brotherhood of Kent State Black Foot Soldiers are denying responsibility for the FECES & URINE BOMBING reported to have taken place at a tribute created by Kent State students for critically wounded business major … Continue reading

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(EXCLUSIVE) UCLA Katherine Rosen A "Nigger Word Thinker?" Did College Student's Vile Racist Thoughts Ignite Stabbing? UCLA Black Foot Soldiers Review Case of Damon Thompson

Is the Belizean born UCLA college student, twenty year old Damon Thompson (who is currently being held on $3 million dollars bond for an attack on a white classmate), a victim of evolution? SEE:WHEN NIGGER WORD THINKERS ATTACK “Young brothers … Continue reading

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