Rachel Hoffman: Hypocrisy Home to Roost. Tallahassee Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Deneilo Bradshaw Trial

(Left) Denelio Bradshaw, (Middle) Rachel Hoffman, (Right) Andrea Green

Tallahassee Black Foot Soldiers in conjunction with the National Black Foot Soldier Network have issued a stern condemnation of the arrest and fore coming of twenty three year old Deneilo Bradshaw.

Bradshaw is charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery and possession of a gun by a convicted felon in connection with the fatal shooting of (F.A.K.E.) police informant Rachel Hoffman during a botched drug operation in May 2008.

“Rachel Hoffman’s hypocrisy came home to roost. They can’t find and stop the boats and planes bringing cocaine into this country but can find niggas on the street corners selling and smoking crack.

This is an illegal arrest and an illegal trial. In the day of the fulfillment of our evolutionary mastership, brother Deneilo Bradshaw’s oppressors will become his footstool. As this day is now only minutes away, those handling him are advised the mercy or lack thereof shown unto him he will return unto you. The day of the Great Earthquake is nigh.”

– Florida Black Foot Soldier Claude Neal

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3 Responses to Rachel Hoffman: Hypocrisy Home to Roost. Tallahassee Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Deneilo Bradshaw Trial

  1. Tallahasee Soldiers says:

    Thanx for rushing this thru. We trying to get more brothers involved like in Miami, South Flo and Del Ray Beach. Miami brothers visited last week showing us how to grow members. Brothers been staging peaceful Reparations Protests devils always wanna turn them violent.

  2. l says:

    Niggers doing what they know best. Nothing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    niggers are the most worthless thing on the planet and they know it, thats why they are so destructive and hateful…. inhuman, sub-human, shit skinned ape!

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