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“Fuck you bitch! I guess we can’t take a joke.” … “A black kid asks his mom, ‘Mama, what’s democracy:” The Inge Marler Reparations Protest, (sponsored by the NBFSN)

Her flagrant disregard for how her kind’s historic & continued racial terrorism against our people & support of denial of reparations epitomizes the racial dissolution of white America today. Ms Marler is a flagrant reparations offender who may only be … Continue reading

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Gentry Family Reparations Protest: Hardened Devils Turn Peaceful Reparations Protest Deadly, Pick Possessions Over Lives; Arkansas Black Foot Soldiers Demanding Release of Activists Samuel Conway & Jeremy Pickney; Fallen Warrior Marvin Stringer Award 72 Virgins in Heaven

Details from Arkansas Black Foot Soldiers are emerging about the daring social action protest hardened reparations offenders turned deadly when they, according to Hot Springs Black Foot Soldier Godfrey Gould  “refused to turn their possession over to the true owners.” “Reprobate … Continue reading

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