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FECES BOMBED: "Rock" for Suspected Nigger Word Thinker & Reparations Offender Chris Kernich Desecrated

Cleveland, Akron and a  reported emerging brotherhood of Kent State Black Foot Soldiers are denying responsibility for the FECES & URINE BOMBING reported to have taken place at a tribute created by Kent State students for critically wounded business major … Continue reading

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Did You Hear Chris Kernich Think: "Nigger?" Ohio Yakub Muslim Elders Begin "Trial" for Suspected Racist; "All Reparations Offender Charges Will Stand" – Ohio Black Foot Soldiers

As reported by the Cleveland Black Foot Soldiers, Ohio Yakub Muslims are requesting that any brothers and sisters who may have heard suspected racist Chris Kernich think the word “nigger” to come forward. “We believe brother Adrian Barker and Ronald … Continue reading

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Elizabeth A. Rhodes Melanoma Execution: Ohio Yakub Muslims Focus on Pigs in High Places

Reportedly, Ohio Yakub Muslims employed a new technique in the Melanoma Campaign against Rhodes; and though she’s tried surgery, chemotherapy and bone-marrow transplants, her condition always returns with a new face. “The root is always melanoma,” exiled Yakub Muslim minister Yakub Shaitan … Continue reading

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