Racist Miami Police Terror Regime Execute Brothers Decar-los Moore, Joell Lee Johnson; City Black Foot Soldiers Issue “Black Alert” Against White Police Terror, Vow “no FECES SMEAR” Street Penitentiary Protest, Condemn Terrorist Miguel A. Exposito & Regime’s Targeted Anti Black Terror; “WAR DECLARED” – Florida Black Foot Soldier Claude Neal; BREAKING: Renegade Pig Ricardo Martinez Murders (Ano-ther) 16 Year Old Activist Tamorris Tyrell Gaye In Cold Blood; SOLDIER PREEMPTIVE TO TERRIFIED BLACKS: “You Must Perceive All Whites With Badges & Guns As Racial Terrorists In Order To Legally Protect Yourself From Them.”

Interview W/Florida Black Foot Soldier Claude Neal Developing…wordpress stats

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