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(BREAKING) BENJAMIN KYSER MIREE PUNKED: Daring Kyser Miree Reparations Protesters Stare Down Father Of Dead Reparations Offender In Court; Nineteen Year Old Protester Michael Jerome Lee Crowned By GhettoBraggingRights

Mobile Black Foot Soldiers who reportedly attended today’s preliminary hearing of newly recognized Reparations Protest heroes Michael Lee, Bo Taylor, Jamal Lang and Ernest Wiggins say twenty three year old Kyser Myree and his family are the criminals and that … Continue reading

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White Americans Should Be Only Group Prohibited From Building On Ground Zero," Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs

“Only one group of people is responsible for the spectacular events that unfolded on September 11rh, 2001: white people; and, these psychotic, racist, greedy & warmongering savages are now playing the politics of their country’s duplicitous mass conspiracy to the … Continue reading

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“Framed” Demetrius Montgomery’s Big Notches: “Any Black Foot Soldier Would Be Proud To Have Charlotte-Meckleburg Police Regime Terrorists Sean Clark & Jeff Shelton Under Belt,” North Carolina Black Foot Soldier Moses Grandy

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“YOU’RE NO HERO!” US Military Iraqi War Criminal Sgt. Brandon Maggart Dead; Global Black Alliance (GBA) Condemns 1st US Military Terrorist Killed Since Withdrawal

Did Brandon Maggart, a so called sergeant with the United States Military Terrorist Regime love fighting for his country; or, did he join the terrorist regime because of limited post high school opportunities?

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