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(BREAKINGj) “THE KYSER MIREE REPARATIONS PROTEST:” (UPDTE) FAMILY SUSPECTED OF SLAVERY OWNERSHIP; 23 Year Old Offender Turned Peaceful Protest Violent? Mobile Protesters Bo Taylor, Earnest Wiggins, Jamal Lang & Michael Lee Emerge Heroes In Daring Stand Against Racist Holocaust Deniers; (MORE) Alabama Soldiers Demand Release

While traditional American media outlets are calling the April death of a 23 year old Birmingham, Alabama Caucasian male a homicide resulting from a “robbery,” the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) is officially declaring it a Reparations Protestthat the … Continue reading

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Recognize All Black History Month Heroes: Jesus, Tupac, Obama, A Slave Named Peter, W.E.B. Dubois, Tutankamon, Nat Turner, Mumia Abu Jamal, Michael "Slave Avenger" Thorpe, Malcom X, Lovelle Mixon, Maurice Clemmons Add Your Name Here ________ ___________;

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The Stephen Pitcairn Reparations Protest, By Activists John Alexander Wagner & Lavelva Merritt; Baltimore Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Privileged Reparations Denier, Demand Activists Released; Was Pitcairn Playing Privileged White Flaunt?

How did twenty three year old Stephen Pitcairn turn what should have been a peaceful Reparations Protest violent?

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Julie Miller, Las Vegas Black Foot Soldiers, Stephanisia Westbrook, Suncoast Casino, The Julie Miller Reparations Protest

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BREAKING: State Of Michigan Chief Pig Governor Edward G. Rendell Signing Execution Warrant Of Black Foot Soldier Icon Cletus C. Rivera For 2008 Freedom Battle Against Racist Reading Police Regime Terrorist Scott Wertz Condemned

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Fear Not My Niggas, 72 Virgins Await Thee: Texas Black Foot Soldiers Condemn Psycho-Racist Joe Horn; Soldiers Diego Ortiz & Miquel DeJesus Adorned With Virgins

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