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White Man: Do You Know What Time It Is?

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THE ANDY CARESS MELANOMA EXECUTION: Cincinnati Yakub Muslims Praise Completion Of Skin Sinner’s Execution, Condemn “Mela-Know-More” Foundation, Admonish Whites: “Learn Laws Of New Sun Of God Era & Apply For Mercy”

Cincinnati Yakub Muslims are praising the Completion Of Skin Sinner Andy Caress’ Melanoma Execution, have issued a Condemnation for his Melanoma Foundation: “Mela-Know-More” Foundation and are Admonishing their local and statewide Whites to “Learn the new Laws for them in … Continue reading

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“MANY ARE CALLED, FEW ARE CHOSEN:” Michigan Penitentiary Islam Elders Crown Brother Tyress Matthews; Declare Courageous Stand Against Racially Terroristic White Police Regime: Self Defence; “His Family Bloodline Is From Long Line Of Ancient Warriors Who Have Always Fought Evil.”

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