The Jaime Regen Melanoma Execution, When Devils Desire: "A Healthy Glow;" Should You Encourage Whites To Tan?

Dallas, Texas Yakub Muslims are condemning racist statements of the mother of a twenty nine year old Plano woman who Western publications allege sunbathed herself to death in tanning salons.

After her daughter’s death, Donna Regen, mother of Jamie Regen, is quoted as saying: Jamie was popular. She was on the drill team. I always thought her beautiful blue eyes and fair skin set her apart.

Dallas, Texas Yakub Muslim Kafele Akhenaten characterized the mother’s statements as racist and condemned the daughter for “racial hypocrisy” for “wanting to be black but not wanting see Nubians (black people) have global justice.

“I found out Jamie was going almost every day during her lunch hours at the high school,” the mother is quoted as saying. “At 20, she was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma skin cancer. Three weeks before her 30th birthday, she died.”

While Akhenaten declined to say whether an active Melanoma Campaign was being staged against the skin sinner, he did say he believes white people should be encouraged to tan.

“While imitation is the greatest form of flattery,” he said, “her hypocrisy, like so many other Caucasians in this country, is beyond measure. Ultraviolet Light cast onto her from any source measured and despised that hypocrisy. While whites are looking for the unnatural benefits tanning will have on their skin, they never regard that UV is a purifying light that has a conscience and despises evi.

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