Stinking Joshua Miktarian: My Last Racial Profile“The Modus operandi of race-dirty cops like Twinsburg police officer Joshua Miktarian is always the same. They see a black man in a car, don’t like it and make up some fake reason to pull them over,” says GBR publisher Kirkland Perkins. “Their overt racism is despicable. They are not worth patch of dirt their blood spills onto when brothers pop them.”

Perkins’ harsh words come on the heels of the ‘illegal’ arrest of new Ghetto Bragging Rights Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon candidate Ashford Thompson and the outpouring from Twinsburgs’ white community over Miktarian’s killing.

“ALL MIKTARIAN IS WORTH IS A PATCH OF DIRT ON THE SIDE OF A ROAD” – East Cleveland Ghetto Bragging Rights member Forest Hill

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  1. PowerPulse says:

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