North Carolina God Damn America Suicide Enthusiasts Hold Pep Rally For Hurricane Bertha to Destroy Whites; Georgia Blacks Praise Deathly Currents at Tybee Island; All Vow More Offerings

God Damn America movement blacks across the nation are praising God for the record setting Hurricane Bertha, vying for her to strike the States & wipe out white people’s property and hoping, the now down graded storm will reform as a hurricane.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the first major storm of the hurricane season, Hurricane Bertha, has broken records despite being downgraded in severity as it passed close to the eastern tip of Bermuda today.

No hurricane on record has previously formed so far east in the Atlantic before August 1. Bertha was rated a category 1 hurricane last week – the least severe kind – before being re-categorised as a tropical storm as it neared Bermuda. Then, Hurricane Bertha strengthened again into a Category 2 storm on Wednesday as it inched closer to Bermuda. And; additional strengthening is forecast during the next 24 hours and Bertha could again become a major hurricane, the Miami-based center reports.

Hurricanes are produced by a combination of factors, but crucially depend on ocean water reaching a temperature of 26C. The formation of Bertha unusually far to the east, suggests the storm season may be severe. The US National Hurricane Center has forecast an above average number of storms this year, with up to five major hurricanes predicted in the North Atlantic between now and the end of October.


Monday, July 14, 2008

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. – The lifeguards on Tybee Island were kept busy over the weekend.

In a two-hour period Sunday, lifeguards rescued 20 to 25 swimmers caught in dangerous rip currents. There were no injuries.

Rip currents form when powerful water currents flow away from shore and become trapped in a gap between the beach and a sandbar.

Experts say that instead of fighting the current swimmers should swim parallel to the shore. Once clear of the outgoing riptide, swimmers can go straight in to shore.

“We pray & make offering to God for (white) Savannah’s damnation daily. Ebenezer Creek

“We make our daily offerings to God and asked for Hurricanes to target The Devil’s property along the Atlantic coast,” said Savannah, Georgia God Damn America enthusiast Ebenezer Creek. “The Devil’s property isn’t for our hands to touch. Yet, only may we whisper our prayers and make our offerings to God.

“We understand that for God to destroy The Devil’s interests and take away his profitability, he may need to destroy the very land beneath our feet. We just want our God to know we willing to sacrifice our own lives too.

“If God, for example is holding back an earthquake or tsunami because of our presense, we want Him to know it is alright if He devours us in his wrath too.”

“Don’t with hold the damnation of the reprobate because of us, oh Lord,” raising the palms of his hands before the heavens, Creek said.

“We are ready to make God offerings until God destroys white America,” said God Damn America New Orleans suicide enthusiast  Katrina Ahmajinedad. “If we can’t get God to Heal The Land with Bertha, we will continue offerings, fastings and prayers until This Whore reduced to stubble.

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1 Response to North Carolina God Damn America Suicide Enthusiasts Hold Pep Rally For Hurricane Bertha to Destroy Whites; Georgia Blacks Praise Deathly Currents at Tybee Island; All Vow More Offerings

  1. xerock says:

    Keep praying nigger. God has made it quite clear, He aint’ listinin’ nigga!

    Every flood that comes along, the niggers riot, the whites rebuild.

    That’s what god rewards nigger! Hard work! Not rioting, looting, rape, stealing, sniffn’ your own shit, having sex with babies, jazz music, and all of the other nigger “contributions”.

    Get to work nigga!

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