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Wacko Jacko Now Ordained Poltergeist: Vows Thriller On Enemies From Grave; First Post Life Interview With King of Pop: Jackson Granted Unpresidented Power to Torture, Possess & Kill is "Most Powerful Presence Since Jesus"

According to sources close to famed clairvoyant Zelda Barrons X, the controversial interviewer of the dead has wrapped up her first post life interview with King of Pop turned Greatest Entertainer in the World Michael Joseph Jackson. While Barrons X … Continue reading

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An elaborate conspiracy appears to be at work in not only the rape and slaying Eastern Michigan University student Laura Dickinson but, too, in the arrest and conviction Orange Taylor III. While all along Taylor’s family has said they believe … Continue reading

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Ghost of “Racist Cop” Timothy Abernethy Damned in Luxor?

While those who say they’ve seen the belligerent spirit refuse to come forward, one thing appears to be for certain: since the death of an officer who was killed after an alleged illegal, racial profiling incident, strange happenings are occurring … Continue reading

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God is the God of the Underdog, Not the God of the Pig.”

Offer God, at minimum 7 swallows of water (1cup) for Him to whip (white) America. The morning the Pin Oak Levee broke and washed away all their racist property in Lincoln County, I’d drank an extra cup of water. I … Continue reading

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Wipe Her Sexy Ass From the Map Too

MYSTERY BABYLON A MYSTERY NO MORE: AMERICA Lucifer pulled the drapes and turned to the Ms. Scarlet.To direct her attention, he turned & pointed.“See there, Ms. Scarlet,” he called, “see the fires upon the lake?” Ms. Scarlet cut her eyes … Continue reading

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Eve Carson's Greatest Sin

IS SADISTIC HYPOCRISY RESPONSIBLE FOR HER DEATH? In this photo, alleged robbery victim Eve Carson shakes hands with 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama. “This may represent Eve Carson’s greatest sin before God and nature,” says famed African American clairvoyant Zelda … Continue reading

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White People Could Have Been So Much More But They Chose Evil

“As the mind in black man is as infinitite that prophesied Bottomless Pit, so is the depths of the hole in the white man where the soul would be.  Consider now that, since his grafting,  his atrocities against man and the … Continue reading

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