The Justice Daniel O'Hern Melanoma Execution: Burial of Body Forbidden

Justice Daniel O'Hern Melanoma Execution
Details about the successful high profile Melanoma Campaign against former New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Daniel O’Hern whose Melanoma Execution was complete last night in his home.

“Justice has been meted against this abominable creature who dared call himself a judge.”  – NY Black Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant. “The Devil thought he could receive help from his doctors or find relief in the shade.

Daniel O'Hern Melanoma ExecutionThough details are scarce, New Jersey Yakub Muslims along with the city’s Black Foot Soldiers are issuing a statement to O’Herns family, the city and State that “burying his body is forbidden.”

“He is as the slave hanging from the tree: a warning to those The Sun of God despises of what awaits them.” Stuyvesant damned.

He confirmed any attempts to bury O’Hern will be protested.

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