EXCLUSIVE: LEE WOODS IS NEW YORK’S SEXIEST & HARDEST COP THRILLER 2008; (plus: Robert Ellis Beats Rap in Timonshenko Racial Profiling Case)

The NY GBR community has spoken: Lee Woods is the Sexiest & Hardest of the Russel Timoshenko cop killers.

“Woods’ local popularity & support is tremendous,” says GBR editor Julius Perkins. “But he’s gained celebrity in the national community too.

(LEFT) Sexy Rikers Island Gaurd Kadessha Mulgrav

The current is definitely riding his way. He’s headed for Urban Legendary. “

Among things that have contributed to Woods’ celebrity: relations with a sexy Rikers’ Island female guard who is seen on camera escorting thug and street bodied stud to the showers in the middle of the night (Woods, 29, is supposed to be on 23-hour lockdown), possessing an illegal SIM card – the memory chip in a cellphone – in his Rikers cell, possession of an instrument that could have compromised his security as he was transported to a Brooklyn courthouse and numerous cases of receiving preferential treatment by Rikers Island guards.”

Officer Timoshenko, 23, shot twice in the face, clung to life in a hospital for five days. His death was celebrated by Foot Soldiers nationwide.

“You can imagine what this family is going through today. It’s obvious that these three animals killed a New York City police officer. To think that this mongrel just was carrying a gun, it’s a disgrace,” said Patrick J. Lynch, the head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, after the verdict.

Lynch’s comments were condemned by Brooklyn Foot Soldiers.

Fuck Patrick Lynch and Timoshenko’s family,” Stuyvesant damned. “Justice was served that afternoon in Crown Heights when Russel Timoshenko found that all his training, judgment and even his bulletproof vest could not help him.”

Stuyvesant praised the jury’s decision and says he is encouraging Foot Soldiers not TO DISRESPECT MEMORIALS DEDICATED TO TIMOSHENKO OR DEFACE HIS GRAVE.

The State’s most outspoken Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant, who says local Foot Soldiers have a love/hate relationship with the State’s black police, praised the black guards’ treatment of Woods and said it goes a long way in repairing relationships with the black community.

In December, a jury acquitted Ellis in the fatal shooting of alleged racial profiling police officer Russel Timoshenko of murder charges, but convicted him on lesser counts of weapons possession.

“Russel Timoshenko was racial profiling garbage who finally profiled the wrong niggas,” NY State Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant stated. “Neither Ellis nor any of our brother should have any fear or concern about doing time. For, in just an hour, the National Black Foot Soldier Network will have all righteous brothers released.

“In that hour, we shall be like unto that great earthquake that freed Paul and Silas from The Devil’s Hand whence they were locked down.” he swore.

“If punk ass Timoshenko hadn’t of been racial profiling, he might still be alive today,” Stuyvesant damned. “He finally fucked with the right niggas and got his plate of Ghetto Just Desserts.



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  1. I will be in NY (again) in April w/the Soldiers to do more Black Foot Soldier & GBR Tees in Harlem. Whites is buying them too – especially around 110th.G

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