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“F.U.C.K. CHANNON CHRISTIAN” National Black Foot Soldier Network Launch New 2009 F.U.C.K. Campaign

“F.U.C.K. CHANNON CHRISTIAN,” is the first in a new and controversial condemnation series the National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) will begin promoting in 2009 to state the position nationwide its members should take on certain political, social and criminal … Continue reading

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Police Officer Timothy Simpson Dead, the Ghost of Mumia Strikes!

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Kevin Watts: Texas’ Sexiest & Hardest Brothers On Death Row

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Mason Samborski VS Jonathon Belton: For We Know That Many are Called Few are Chosen

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Jerome Adam Hamilton VS Rib Rack

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There Will Be No More "This is a Robbery" – National Black Foot Soldier Network

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