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(MASSIVE COVER UP) Contagious Basal Cell Carcinoma Strain Hidden By World Health Organization (WHO), Center For Disease Control (CDC) & American Medical Association (AMA)

While Western science is now publishing Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) as the most common form of skin cancer and the most common form of all cancers, it is falsely reporting it as the most easy skin cancer to treat and … Continue reading

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Tennis Great John Newcombe Basal Cell Carcinoma Successfully Assigned; Is Yakub Melanoma Execution Next?

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The Stephanie Fisher Melanoma Execu-tion: Condemned Skin Sinner Spreads Illegal Western "Skin Cancer" Propa-ganda While Awaiting Final Execution

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Cave "Oncologists" Warn Fellow Devils Of "Melanoma Epidemic" From the Sun

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The John Craig Melanoma Execution: Ultraviolet Light Still Shines On Shady Days, Allegheny County Yakub Muslims

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Devil’s New Product “Heliocare” Sun “Pill” Promises To Protect Iceman’s Vulnerable Skin From “Inside Out”

Advertisement: Heliocare is a dietary supplement that contains a natural ingredient … natural fern extract) which works against the harmful effects of UV from the sun. … An ideal protectant, Heliocareworks as a potent oral antioxidant. read more. … (Link)

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