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THE LEO CHISHOLM MELANOMA EXECUTION: Vile Osage, Iowa Skin Sinner Participation In 2010 Mitchell Co. Relay for Life Condemned; "Representation Of Being A Mela- noma Survivor A Blasphemous Misnomer" – Yakub Islam

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Fraud Undercoverblackman David Mills & the Yacub 7 Ali Melanoma Hoax

White blogger David Mills, who blogs under the name “undercoverblackman” has been criticized numerous times by journalists and activists about his poor journalism research and erroneous articles. In May 2007, reportedly without having made any attempts to contact anyone associated … Continue reading

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Blasphemous Coolibar "Sun Protective" Products Condemned by Yakub Islam

The Nation of Light, an order within the Nation of Yakub Islam commissioned to review melanoma foundations, fund raisers, events for whites who have received melanoma executions and books published by whites on the topics of “skin cancer,” melanoma and … Continue reading

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The History of Moses, the Caveman, the Caucaus Mountains &amp: The Yakub’s Graft & The New Yakub’s Melanoma

Why did we run Yakub’s Made Devil from the Root of Civilization?

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The Devil Reports: Melanoma rising rapidly in United States of America

Melanoma, a deadly skin cancer, is rising rapidly in the United States San Jose Mercury News – ‎Mar 5, 2009‎ By Sandy Kleffman Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, has increased rapidly in the United States in recent years, a … Continue reading

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