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ANOTHER FAKE JEW MELTDOWN: Psychotic Gentilian Jew Claiming Full Jewish Heritage Bethany Storro Defaces Self With Acid, Blames Legitimate Jew (Black Woman) For Attack; “Depravity Devils Willing To Delve For Racism & Legitimacy Will Worsen In Days Coming,” Psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs (UnderprivilegedJournalism)

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ARE YOU STILL FASTING, PRAYING & MAKING SACRIFICES FOR WHITE AMERICA'S DESTRUCTION? Get Your Latest God Damn White America Movement (GDWAM) Updates On ShittyCop: Thousands East Coast GDWAM Enthusiasts Ready To Sacrifice Lives For Hurricane Earl To Ravish East Coast Whites Lives & Their Investments

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“Lol, you’re about as clueless as the next nigger. You (black people) are , illogical, and incorrigibly slanted.” Fifteen year old aspiring racist Aaron aka Treemagnet88 “Heil Hitlers.”

(Click here to read user Aaron’s (pictured above) narcissistic “nigger” comment appearing on computer screen above Wow, really? Isn’t that what he just said himself? You black people may use this ridiculous logic that is clearly better explained by our … Continue reading

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White Titty Baby Wannabe Racists

Because there are things like the National Alert issued by the Ghetto Bragging Rights & the Black American Foot Soldiers that warn brothers of white people (girls, boys, men & women) who want black males to rob, rape & slay … Continue reading

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Yahoo Buzz For Whites Only?

Is Yahoo’s positioning, quantity and portrayal of blacks in these advertisements intentional? DEVELOPING… BONUS FEATURE: Freaked Curse of the Fig Tree (Reprise) by ***Nikel Felon*** Celebrates New Black Mesopotamian Enuma Elish by, Nikel Felon- “Six things that the Lord doth … Continue reading

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A N?gga In St. Thief’s Clothing

Men despise not a thief if he steals to satisfy the hunger of his belly.” Proverbs “You have got to be kidding me. I thought this St. Nicholas Thief guy was a hoax. Instead, he appears to be the Supreme … Continue reading

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Channon Christian Lie & Cover Up II

Do you ever get the feeling that it’s just all one big perverted game to white people: their concepts of justice, decency, integrity and honor? Take, for example, the deviant behavior of United States Senators Mark Foley and Larry Craig … Continue reading

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Dirty Blonde: Britney Changes Name

Is Britney Spears changing her performance name? Sources close to the train wrecked diva say, with the coming of her new album, she’ll announce to the world her new name: Dirty Blonde. What will it do for her destroyed career? … Continue reading

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